Where’s the party?

Right we shouldn’t really be posting this one yet but we hardly expect many visitors on here after the final exams finish so we’ll at least attempt to get the party started before it actually starts…

This might sound like an ideal part to a lot of you readers ๐Ÿ˜‰ and ads that sound great to you might be deemed inappropriate by the feds but one things for sure, when you finish writing that last sentence of the last exam, it’s party time!

A level and GCSE 2008 results - photo 17
photo credit: hammersmithandfulham

Let others know what you’re thinking of doing to celebrate finishing exams and hopefully getting out those schools doors for the last time. Drop us a comment and let’s see what’s happening in your county. Remember the more people you tell the more chance of it being an even better night than you already plan on it being!

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