Who’d like to hear a story about a bridge?

If anyone out there picked up that the title is a joke from family guy,then i salute you and welcome to my first blog.

I’ll try and keep this intro as short as possible,since if anyone reading this is anything like me then they’ll take one look at a long page of typing,label the person boring and move on.

So i’m Annah, I’m terminally underage(it’s a serious condition!) and just incase you hadn’t worked it out for yourself I’m in smelly ole’ 6th year. As for subjects,I do; Irish, English, Maths(the necessary evils) along with History, French, Physics, Biology and my personal favourite, Chemistry. I want to work in medical research so i’m hoping for medicine in UCC.Oh and i’m from the glorious eden that is Cork.

In my spare time I enjoy freaking out about the hpat(anyone else?).  Aside from that though my primary sources of entertainment are music and family guy/robot chicken/futurama/flight of the chonchords(basicly i <3 tv boxsets). I read a bit too and am something of a gaming freak(but that’s a secret so don’t tell anyone,ok?).

Anyway…I said i’d try and keep this short so i guess that’s it,I can’t imagine why you’d want to know anything else about me but you can always ask.

16 thoughts on “Who’d like to hear a story about a bridge?”

  1. Gaming is always a guilty pleasure outside of Dublin. Damn culchies don’t understand that ‘geek’ is totally cool nowadays…

    Reality is for losers who don’t play video games.

  2. Ahem, as a “culchie” and a former employee of Gamestop I beg to differ.

    Me loves Mario. It’s no secret. We plan to elope.

    1. My respect for you has increased.

      However, nowadays Nintendo is for girls, so it hasn’t by much.

      That damn Mario is such a player. Gets all the ladies…

    2. Meh I agree with you on that. While I was in Gamestop I considered buying an Xbox and then I realised that I didn’t really want to fight and kill things. Not my style.

      I guess I just go crazy for Italians. And dungarees.

    3. Dungarees. I actually had to look that up. Although it’s a fashion term, so it’s still not thaaat impressive.

      So what is your style? A huge, horrendous alien horde hovers over here to your home, full of hate and hell-bent on homicide, and you’re just going to what? Hug them? Hah!

    4. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of dungarees!

      My style…em…peaceful negotiation? Trying to “understand” them, like “I know that this attack is based on your insecurity of being blah blah”…and then we’ll give each other makeovers and I’ll arrange a hot date for the alien queen with the prom king and it will be a beautiful against-the-odds coming of age tale.

    1. Because he’ll hurt you with his horrible heat-ray. Hugs won’t halt a horde of homicidal aliens. Only handguns will.

  3. How come nobody gave me any credit for my amazing display of alliterative argumentation? Being so ingenious is hard work.

    You can’t be allergic to hugs. Unless you smeared yourself with some sort of allergen and then hugged them. But in that case, you could just coat bullets with said allergen. So nyah.

    And it’s already been pre-established that they’re hell-bent on homicide. The only way you could peacefully negotiate is if you went in looking like one of them, Avatar-style. (But the only good thing about that movie was Sigourney Weaver getting back into Sci-Fi)

    Even when alliterating I can out-debate you whippersnappers. Young ‘uns mowadays just aren’t as smart no more.

  4. ‘mowadays’… Damn poetic irony.

    Hey, this site is the #1 google result for ‘leaving cert’. Who’d a thunk it?

    1. Evidently I shoulda thunk it, one of my classmates just found me. How strange.

      Um ok let’s see, so they’re crazy aliens hell bent on homicide alliteration-style, and I want to get rid of him. I guess I’ll have to bust out my super secret ninja skills and then do some Harry Potter style magic on them! That’ll sort them out.

    2. In my day, we weren’t even on the first page of results. Must’ve been me. I put this site on the map.

      Aha! Your ninja skills are no longer super secret! Your power is useless now.
      Besides, both Harry Potter and ninjas fight and kill bitches all the time.
      Thy hath contradicteth thyself.

  5. Not even the first page? Srs? How interesting.

    Huh. I seem to do that a lot. *sigh* Right then I’ll take the handgun, jeez.

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