…and that Paper 2.

(I’m in the Irish times today, with my fairly not-epic list of songs to get me through the exams. You’re welcome to rip apart my music taste 🙂 )

Amm…so, how do I approach this delicately. Paper 2 went well for me. I knew Yeats quite well, so I wasn’t stuck with the poets. Only thing I’m concerned about there was that the question was quite a strange one: the tension between the real world and the ideal world Yeats imagines for himself. I’m aware that it’s all up in nearly every one of his poems, but I was at a loss on how to explain that in relation to language and imagery, so I just stuck it in at the end of every paragraph. Lear was also lovely, I had looked over something similar to the second question this morning so I was only delighted when I saw it there. Why do the evil characters appeal to us more than the goodies? Cos we’re sick minded weirdos, that’s why. 🙂
 Literary Genre AND General Vision and Viewpoint came up in the Comparative, so I was spoiled for choice and ended up doing the second LG question which I felt went alright. Wrote something about Mr Collins from Pride and Prejudice thinking he was a catch…I would really like to know what actually happens to our brains during high pressure situations, because all mine seems to do is spazz out and make me write the strangest things.
Unseen Poetry was actually quite nice, I liked that poem! I made up some stuff about the flower being a metaphor for the poet herself surviving the storms of life which sounded nice and profound and finished with almost 20 minutes to spare, don’t ask me how.

I’m trying not to sound too happy, cos I’m aware that many people were left out in the cold by Paper 2. I am sorry. 🙁

I am completely drained already. How am I supposed to get through another week? Gah.
Sorry this is a totally uninspired post, but I cannot be enthusiastic about a paper so many people were disappointed by, I’m actually almost disgusted with myself for liking it. Bad Valerie, bad Valerie! Boland, where was my Booolllaaaannnd? Now I fit in!


EDIT: Did anyone else do that 2nd LG question? I’m starting to fear that my brain was playing tricks on me when I read it, cos I definitely thought it seemed easy. Aspects of narrative = humour, suspense etc., right? Wrong? Aaaaghhhh!!

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  1. Ah, I think you did the right thing i relation to LG! There are different aspects for each text and you just chose the ones that corresponded with your own ones.

    I did the first part of that question which didn’t go TOO badly. But, my goodness, it was some juggling competition! I had to relate everything back to the unexpected and plot twists (which IS difficult when you’re doing “Dancing at Lughnasa”!) and then had to relate those to literary genre and relate all this to several key scenes while making comparison, after comparison after comparison. Phew.

    Just gimme a unicycle. :-S

    P.S. Lear= delicious and “Rich the Bitch” rules. XD

  2. Ah Hermione! Yeah I just compared them other the headings my English teacher did with us. It’s weird how different teachers teach English in different ways, there’s absolutely no point in asking people from different schools how they did stuff cos it’s always like another language 🙂

    *hands Hermione a unicycle*

    Rich the Bitch! Haha I love it! Lots of my schoolmates are making homosexual slurs in relation to Rich that I simply do not condone. Seriously, her being a lesbian has nothing to do with Boland not being on the paper. Grr.

    Thanks Enda! Welcome to the team!

  3. Oh, I know, I know. I had a different teacher last year and, my God, their teaching styles could not be MORE different! Not bad vs. good but different! (Although, to be completely honest, the one this year kicks a**! :-D) You sound like you did it very logically and as long as they can see your train of thought, you’re good to go! 😀

    Oh, I know, the slurs just keep on going….and going….and going. Ah, but the FB groups to do with the lack of Boland are almost trumping thr FB groups planning to obliterate Louth already.

    Now THAT is an achievement!

    *unicycle wobbles*

  4. I really love my English teacher too! Compared to the other English teachers in the school, he’s absolutely amazing.

    Thanks Hermione, I feel a little better about it now!

    Haha I’m so glad I didn’t have to join any of those Boland groups…Though I was the one that posted the “If Boland doesn’t come up tomorrow there will be war” group to my friends the night before. Must have jinxed myself!

  5. Thanks for reminding me about Here Comes The Sun in the paper yesterday, have been listening to it non stop since, such a great LC song! 🙂

  6. I hope to God I did the second LG question right….I wrote about plot and characteristics and symbols/motifs, they all fit in under narrative right? Coz that’s what the authors use to tell the story, RIGHT? Some reassurance required here people!

    BTW Valerie, I’ve been following your blog this year and you remind me of myself 😀

  7. If the piece you wrote for the Irish Times is on the net could you post a link? I’d love to read it – especially after hearing “Hear Comes The Sun” is on it! I tried the Irish Times website today – no luck.

    Anyway, good luck everyone!

  8. Hey there Smelly! (I laughed out loud there when I typed that)

    It wasn’t so much a piece as just a list of 10 songs:

    1)Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
    2)Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine
    3)Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths
    4)Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    5)Seachanges – Raymond Deane
    6)Hey Ya – Outkast
    7)Becoming A Jackal – Villagers
    8)You Make My Dreams – Hall And Oates
    9)Wake Up – Arcade Fire
    10)Hell – Tegan & Sara

    Here it is! There was a tiny picture of my face too, which I was chuffed about.

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