I got in! Well, provided that I meet the offer. AAAABB at Higher Level, and one of the A’s has to be in English. Erp. I would have needed around that to do English at Trinity anyway, but my “sure, I’ll do Arts at UCD if it all goes pear-shaped” mentality has abandoned me. It’s …

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Oxonian angst

I’m sure they meant well, and I’m sure any normal person would be unambiguously thrilled about this, but Oxford have gone and placed the last straw on the camel’s back that is my neurotic nature. They have defied the laws of probability and common sense. Friends, they’ve given me an interview for English. I think …

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I haven’t updated in a while for the simple reason that I’ve not got much to write a full, cohesive blog post about. Since my adoring fan(s? – no, that’s too optimistic) can’t go much longer without hearing something, I’ll just moan about various topics. It’ll be like the letters section of the Irish Times, …

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