Founder of and former leaving cert student / survivor. I set the site up way back in 2006 when I was frustrated with the lack of online leaving cert resources. It has grown since then to attract an audience of 1m+ users per year.

Time Management

You don’t manage your time properly – you can wave goodbye to maximising your points. You MUST look at the length of exams, the number of marks per question, the number of questions required… take art history for example: 150 marks for the paper: 50 marks question 1 (so we spend 1/3 of the time …

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All the great ideas, inventions, stories, buildings etc.. were designed and created using plans. sure, things can fall into place with a bit of luck but 99 times out of 100, planning something is what makes it a success. Take this website: i didnt just happen to buy a domain and throw up a few …

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Trigonometry Proofs

On our maths course there are two broad types of proofs that we have to be able to do in trigenometry( there are some other more niggly bits but we can cover them later). The following two example typify them. Students have trouble with these because they simply dont have a logic or method by …

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Guide to German

The Oral First of all the German Oral is no big deal. Actually it’s piss compared to Irish and French. You can learn off about 85% of it. You get five picture stories and five role plays to learn. You do one of each on the day each worth 30 marks out of 100. That’s …

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