Can you improve on your mock results?

In our recent post on pre exam or mock results we discussed the mock papers (if that’s what they’re called!?). But how much should you really expect to improve on your mock results and June?

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A lot of teachers will say that you can go up two grades higher. This might be true, but the only one that can insure that this happens is you. Do you really think it’s just a matter of doing the mocks and sitting back waiting for your results to boom up two whole grades on its own? No chance! Use the mocks for what they are, a trial run at the real thing. If you fail miserably or are way off the grades that you wish to achieve, the last thing you should do is panic. Use the results and feedback as a wake up call and get your head stuck in to the books and you’ll have no problems making the grade between now and the REAL thing!

Drop us a comment to let us know how you get on / got on and how you plan to improve…

2 thoughts on “Can you improve on your mock results?”

  1. Katie McNally

    Hi there.. I got 305 in my mocks, not too bad considering I didn’t break my back, but I want to hit 450 points to secure a place in the general nursing course in DCU. Is this a crazy hope?!
    English- C2 (A)
    Irish- D1 (A)
    Maths-D1 (G)
    Spanish C3 (G)
    Music C3 (A)
    Biology D2 (A)
    Chemistry D2 (G).
    Your help/ opinion is greatly appreciated!

    1. fair play i didnt do as l as i wanted for the mocks and im scared im not going to reach my goal am i still able to reach it is the mocks really harder than the real thing because im really panicing atm

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