Chemistry, Latin and just being finished.

Hey guys.
This is going to be a bit short due to my inability to concentrate for longer than three minutes at the moment, I’m either suffering from the Tequila last night or my brain how long into some weird Traumatic Shock kinda thing.

Chemistry : A lovely paper. I’m a little worried about whether or not I did it justice but there’s absolutely no point in worrying about that now because it’s more than likely sitting up in Athlone in some metal box, all sealed and waiting to go.

Latin: Would have been absolutely smashing if it weren’t for the actual language bit. My vocab let me down and to anyone studying it I would remind them that the vocab list is actually a Latin Bible and just learn it.. And your Virgil. The history was brilliant and once agan, what’s done is done and what can we do now but chill out and enjoy our summers..

Okay, being finished.
It’s very very odd.
I’ve only been finished for just over 24 hours but already it feels like it’s been about a week. I’m really enjoying not having grinds to go to, not having guilt to attend to and being able to doss around like the way my inclinations point me towards.

I wish everyone out there the best of luck with their summer, final exams and results.

It’s been fun.

(I’m also blogging for the laugh over at but thats just pimping my own warez).

3 thoughts on “Chemistry, Latin and just being finished.”

  1. Yes it’s SO wierd! I keep reminding myself that I’m done when I go to do something, it’s no longer an alternative to study etc., there’s actually nothing more to do!
    And most importantly I couldn’t be happier!!

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