Don’t Panic


One day left folks, and hasn’t August 12th rolled around a lot sooner than imagined?

I don’t have a whole lot to say here, this renewed sense of anticipation I’ve been trying to ignore is sitting rather uncomfortably somewhere in my stomach, competing for space with a family of butterflies.

I do wish everyone the best of luck in the morning, and feel the time is ripe to repeat the tired old gem that is ‘It’s just the leaving, it’s not the end of the world.’

How’s everyone else feeling? Excited? Nervous? Downright wretched?

Either way we’ll know soon enough how much we’ve been deluding and/or underestimating ourselves all year. As I’ve finished each and every one of my Irish essays (regardless of the subject matter): Is maith an scΓ©alaΓ­ an aimsir.

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Oh and be sure to be armed with a calculator and a copy of this in the morning πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Don’t Panic”

  1. Danielle Boyle

    Hey, How are you?

    Best of luck to you to in your results tomorrow. Em im excited, Nervous, and ready to view my results, I want to get them out of the way, because essentially in Cork thats all everybody is talking about, OMG the results :O, so for that reason alone I want to get them out of the way. I think the leaving is important, but also on the other hand its just an exam and only defines one intelluctually, its grades no one on personality which is also a big part of life, and at the of the day we are just a number to the system, and those results in one sense are only a piece of paper, But I dunno if I will be saying that tonight around ten :L:L:L:L Well thats my view anyway. HAHA Good luck to everyone, I truly hope you get what you all get what you have worked for, for the past few years.

    Danielle. (Co. Cork) πŸ˜€


  2. I agree cork is surronded in a buzz of omg the results ive totally failed like<<okay well thats me

    my plan is to open up the enevolpe if the results resembels an E its going back in till the 17th haha

    well im pretty excited and nervous so ahhhhhhhhhh




  3. Good luck tomorrow! πŸ™‚

    I think the waiting around is actually harder than getting the results will be. I’m not nervous yet, still waiting for something to hit me, but I do wish they’d just get on with it. Feels like it’s being dragged out for dramatic purposes. πŸ˜›

  4. i still can’t believe its tomorrow…. i’m kinda worrried, but as long as i get my course, i can’t really complain! best of luck to everybody tomorrow xoxx

  5. It’s awful to know before you go in that you won’t get the points that you’re looking for. That’s how I am feeling right now. Unless I got the most forgiving religion corrector ever that is. Good luck to all of you people out there who will be heading in tomorrow morning.

  6. All that is left to say is…shits and giggles. Shits as in oh god just 14 hours left and my life is either ruined for a year until i can repeat and be in this same messy state of mind again, and giggles as in remember that time…yadda yadda…haha that was brilliant…makes me forget all about tomorrow. what ever way you look at it just go out tomorrow night and celebrate until you can’t remember what you got, good or bad at least you’ll be in teh same boat as everyone else.

    But take this time to remember all the great times in school. We have to admit they were the best years and this day has a tendency to bring out teh giggles side in everyone.

    Good luck all πŸ™‚

  7. Time flew did it not?
    I’ve had an amazing summer so far. It’s had its ups and downs smiles, and frowns and I’m feeling a little nervous but not “BRIX WILL BE SHAT” nervous.
    I’m just hoping i got some reasonable correctors. Although I’m not confident I’ve even passed, I am not in any way afraid of the future. If you forget abut the pressures and focus on what makes you happy you can be. Simple as that. Anyway, going on a bit here!
    Best of luck to everybody. I hope you’ve had as interesting a year as I have had!

  8. Its the end of an era…..

    Remember all the good times?
    “say hey la, my boyfriend’s back”


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