One week and three days til midterm, seventeen weeks til the Leaving Cert. Fantastic.

In an effort to make school even more miserable and soul – less, my school has recently come up with a few vindictive new rules. Some refer to the uniform, and I found it absolutely hilarious in assembly last week when my year was urged to replace our school skirts. With about fifteen weeks left in school do they seriously think that I’m going to spend 60 euro on a hideous new green skirt? I’ve been wearing this particular skirt since I was a wee twelve year old first year and have no intentions what so ever of replacing it now.

Those rules don’t bother me so much. What really gets me is the schools new policy on the use of mobile phones and iPods. Personally, I don’t see how phones are such a huge disturbance to school life. I find them to be quite handy, in fact. Unless one takes to holding conference video calls in class then I don’t really see what the big deal is. Putting all of that aside, my school has now decided to ban iPods. This does not please me. At all. As I mentioned in a previous post, I find music conducive to good studying, and unless my school proposes to reform and place The Postal Service at the top of my study class then I think I’ll go right ahead and ignore that particular rule.

To continue this now habitual rant, (it really is therapeutic) I think I’ll recall a particular class I had the pleasure to sit in this morning. One of my teachers spent almost an entire forty minute class telling us all how we were wasters who wouldn’t pass exams, wouldn’t get into college and wouldn’t get any jobs because we weren’t doing our homework. Surely if half the students in a class were failing one particular subject and excelling in the rest, a teacher might see the link and question their own abilities, their own methods? But no. It’s because we are a bunch of lazy, uninterested students.

On a ‘brighter’ note, Foinse have put together a series of videos to help students prepare for the Irish oral. They’re definitely worth watching, so here’s the link if anyone is interested http://www.foinsevideos.com/

Good luck to all of you who have started on the mocks,

Grace ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: I really hate trying to come up with titles for blog posts. So I went ahead and named this one.

15 thoughts on “Henry”

  1. Nice title ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yeah, I had a interesting meeting with the principal and a teacher about my use of an mp3 player. But we wont get into that.

    That they want you to change a part of your uniform is completely absurd and irrational, given the current hard financial times and the utter stupidity of changing the uniform half way through the year.

    On another note, I would get a copy of the school rules, see if it explicitly says ‘iPod’ and then give the school a run for their money and bring in an mp3 player of your choice, aside from an iPod of course. If they say anything, hand them a copy of their own rules. Although, I don’t encourage such rebellious behavior >_>

  2. No ipod? Go old skool, bring in a discman. Or better yet, a walkman. Tape all your songs onto it. Let them stick THAT in their pipes and smoke it ๐Ÿ˜›
    Haha, you’d also look very hip and/or happening.

  3. Or bring in a boom box ๐Ÿ˜€ then they’ll see how undisruptive your iPod is in comparison :p

  4. I can see it now. “Acutally, miss, this is a Creative Zen Stone Plus. Ugh. Get with the times…” Or yes an mp4 player would surely cause them to quail in their authoritarian boots. I like the idea of a discman or a massive stereo. How ya like me now?

    They didn’t change our uniform, but our skirts are meant to be knee-length and well…i’ve grown since I was 12. Just a little though.

  5. …Saul demanded the foreskins of 100 Philistines so that David could marry Micah?

    Seriously. O.o

  6. Oh okay then! Well I ain’t gots an excuse so. I hate those silly school skirts that fall to the floor though. They’re not very practical…

    And Eamonn, did David deliver?!

  7. Fer real real.

    I would do strange and unholy things to Ben Gibbard. But that’s a story for another day.

  8. Liam you are officially my new best friend. Have you heard Ben’s acoustic version of Brand New Colony? It’s pretty damn amazing.

    I’m guessing you like Death Cab too…

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