i can has christmas?

Christmas. It’s MEANT to be our one last safe little refuge before the inevitable doom-and-gloom that is January. I spent three days gorging myself on Roses (caramel barrels ftw), reading until my head hurt and pelting my sister with snowballs. Three glorious days without one thought of study. And then of course I remembered that I wasn’t really allowed Christmas – not if my teachers had anything to do with it anyway. An essay, poetry revision and a write-up on three characters from An Triail, melody and harmony exercises, more poetry…

Dear Eavan Boland,
You are lovely, your poetry is lovely, but if I have to write about the “thought-provoking metaphor of blahblahblah” or “the title really emphasises the suchandsuch” one more time I will tear my Poetry Now to shreds.

More and more stuff keeps popping up that I had forgotten about. It’s pretty rotten.

I’m going to start all of this tomorrow. Tomorrow! Yeah yeah yeah. Tomorrow will turn into the next day and then the next day…No.  I’m not much of a procrastinator actually. Usually I’m able to start things up fairly quickly. Get the ball rolling like. Finishing things…not so much. As in, halfway through a moderately productive study session I will drift away into dreamland, or whip out the iPod, or sneak up a non-school book and call it “studying English” (which it is, sort of.) It’s just too easy.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Of course, now that the festive season is drawing to a close, it’s a straight road to the Mocks and the fun they shall bring. Oh yes. Nothing beats les examens blancs for a bitta banter. I’m absolutely dying to begin. (Ah! Sarcasm! My first and only love.) But yeah, I understand why they are a good idea – breaking us down to build us up stronger again, making us realise that shit is going to get real for us very soon…stuff like that.

Is anyone good with New Year’s Resolutions? Like in all honesty, has anyone ever kept to them? Mine are nearly always the same:

1)      Cut down on the sweets.
2)      Do more exercise.
3)      Um…be nicer to everyone?

This year I’ll have to modify them a bit, make them more relevant to the life of a student who is doing Very Important Exams. Let me see…

1)      Cut down on the study.
2)      Do more daydreaming.
3)      Um…be mature-er?

Yep. Can’t see anything wrong with those resolutions.  On with 2010!


13 thoughts on “i can has christmas?”

    1. Haha! What are you studying, is it under continous assessment?
      Sucks to be you I guess 🙂

  1. Sat down two hours ago to do some maths.
    So far,I have the heading written on the page. FML 🙁

    Ah,it’ll be grand. Hope you had a good Christmas! 🙂

  2. The strawberry ones and the caramel barrels are pretty much the only Roses worth eating 😛

    Ah, it’ll be grand! Don’t stress too much over Christmas work – I didn’t do anything over Christmas last year (surprising lack of homework from my teachers <3)… You still have some time before the mocks even when you go back to school! 🙂

    Enjoy the break! 🙂

  3. I spent 2 hours on 2 pages of English. Don’t ask me how, cos I wasn’t even up to my usual tricks…There has to be something wrong with me 🙂

    Oooh no the strawberry ones are wayyyy too sweet (though as I type this I am drinking a cup of the SUGARIEST tea in the universe.) I used to like the little blue cubey truffle ones, but they aren’t there anymore *boohoo*

    Thanks for reading you guys! Enjoy yeer breaks too 😀

  4. Haha that happens me all the time Keri… and Aoife your expertise on Roses is spot on! Don’t really approve of the new shape and wrapper of it though, just not the same.
    Nice post Valerie!

  5. Hey. They DID get a hot chick to replace me. I knew it!

    Don’t they have a purple one with a hazelnut inside? Or is that Quality Street? Those are good. Perfectly mouth-sized.

    And how come nobody’s making use of the Emerald is Cool tag? For shame…

  6. OMG it’s Emerald! *dies a little*
    Oh stop it, you’re making me blush.

    Yeah they’re Roses. They’re the ones I eat when all the other nice ones are gone, the rejects.

    Well…umm….ah…how to put this in a nice way…yeah you’re not that cool. 😉

  7. Nice to meetcha Val. I’ll pose for your pictures and give you a lock of my hair, but that’s it. Have to draw the line somewhere with these psycho-fans. Even legendary, X-list, internet mega-celebrities like me deserve to live a normal life, outside the limelight once in a while (or in my case, the emeraldlight HAHAHAHAH).

    Ahem, I am totally cool. You’ve just forgotten what cool is: (and I quote)
    “On top of all that, I’ve completely forgotten how to be cool, so you’ll have to forgive me.” — Valerie

    Oh dear, it seems I’ve started stalking you. Hate it when that happens…

  8. You continue to bring the lulz. I congratulate you.

    Whoops, I did say that didn’t I? Ehm…

    A stalker! Wow! Feeling super special right now. And not creeped out at allll.

  9. HEy Valerie!! this is actually so weird writting to you but whatever!! As i always say im amazed by you!! Even though we’re in a good few classes together i have never read anything you have wrote….that all changed about half an hour ago when i was looking up predictions for the dreaded *leaving cert*!!! and your face popped up!! having read all 3 of your blogs i have to say if you don’t make it as a journalist there is something seriously wrong!! Even forget about journalism, just write a book!!! having read all your blogs you have me completely hooked….please tell me when the next blog is posted!! P.S. hope ya had a nice xmas and santy came 😀 see ya on monday xxx

    1. Hahaha hi Ciara! I wasn’t expecting anyone from school to read the blog, it’s so weird…

      Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll definitely tell you when the new one is up 🙂

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