Introducing Bruno. Bruno? Bruno.

Who is Bruno?

First of all, hello, Leaving Cert’ers. I am Bruno De Barros. I’m 18 years old, Portuguese, but living in Ireland. I am a sixth year student, and I love computers. Anything even remotely related to them obtains my unconditional attention. When I’m not working on my websites, or dreaming about computers, I am usually reading great books, obsessing over hair and different hairstyles, or going for the occasional rollerblading session.

What I want out of my Leaving Certificate.

I intend to get a degree in Computer Science, in Trinity. For that, I will be required to get around 360 points, which I deem to be ridiculous for such a degree. Computers are everywhere, so I would have expected the points requirement to be much higher. I’m glad, however, because I am absolutely certain that I will be able to get the required amount of points. I like good challenges, though, so I’ve imposed upon myself a new challenge. To become the best student in my school this year. So my goal is to get at least over 560 points (which I believe was the number of points last year’s best sixth year had here). I had intentions of applying to university in the USA (and that’s where a brilliant point score would really have been worthwhile), but because I didn’t register for the SAT tests, I’m afraid I am not able to do so this year. Hopefully I will next year!

After finishing school (and college), I am going to dedicate myself to running my business and I will continue to strive to excel.

That’s it?

Yes, I’m afraid so. I’m sure you wanted to know oh-so-much-more about me (yeah, right), and, this blog post is probably much smaller than the other posts (I’ve been looking at you, “peeps” from this year’s class), but what can I say? I have the habit of writing short and concise articles, so as not to bore the readers (and this is the part where most of you comment saying this was the most boring of them all).

So, that’s me for you.  I’m looking forward to an exciting year writing for and mingling (do people even say that?) with other Leaving Cert’ers . I’d also like to wish the best of luck to all of you who are doing their leaving certificate this year.  Don’t forget to read frequently! 😉

8 thoughts on “Introducing Bruno. Bruno? Bruno.”

  1. Can you ask Kev-kev where the forums are at, please?

    Also, congrats on making it into the community. 🙂

    1. Hmm, they were pretty empty last year. Maybe he just thinks they’ll be abandoned this year too, I guess.

    2. Hi Guys, The forums will not be going ahead this year as we wish to now only use the commenting system here as means of communication.


  2. Going for Computer Science in Trinners myself, Bruno. Points won’t be a problem, but its that damn C3 Honours Maths requirement!

    1. I’m afraid Maths is a bother for most people (and I can’t relate to that, because I love Maths :P). What really angers me in Maths, though, is my being unable to finish the exams on time. Most of the times, I can’t solve all of the exercises because of the lack of time, and that obviously has an impact on the grade.

    2. Well Bruno! Have you always lived in Ireland? I’ve heard Maths is way more advanced in school outside of Ireland and that Higher Level LC is pretty pathetic compared to other education systems.. Anyway, cool post, good luck getting close to that 560 in the mocks!

    3. No, I haven’t, I only moved to Ireland two years ago, I lived in Portugal before that. 🙂 Well, for a start we don’t have Ordinary/Higher levels, everybody learns the same, and most of the things I am learning here, I learnt in Portugal, so it seems like every Portuguese student does higher level maths. 😉 However, I don’t remember most of the Leaving Certificate syllabus (I did fifth year there, but that was three years ago), so I can’t say if it’s that much more advanced or not.

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