Ich muss mich gut organisieren.

I find it quite strange that two of the words in my title are apparently not spelled wrong in English. I don’t know what “muss” and “gut” mean in English, but I know the German: I must be well-organised. Because if I was well organised, I wouldn’t find out about things too late.

I have to sit the LNAT for Law through UCAS, and I’ve always known this. What I didn’t realise was that I had to sit in before the 1st of November for Oxford. So.. buh-bye Oxford application. I still have to sit in before January for Glasgow, and that’s grand. I’ll admit that I find it difficult. I’ve completed two practice tests and.. They confuse me! It’s just like nothing that I’ve ever been taught. Either way I have to do it so hopefully goes well. I’ve received a conditional offer from Queens in Belfast for Linguistics & Politics which sent me hopping round the room in delight. I think a few pictures might have fallen off the walls as a result of my jumping up and down.. Chocolate cake is, clearly, not my friend.

Other than the effects of my personal minor earthquake, I started looking outside Law courses the other night. I typed in Business to Qualifax and found a course which looks almost PERFECT for me: Economics, Law & Politics in DCU. WHat’s the problem? The DCU open day was last Friday. I hadn’t really considered it before now so I saw no need to go to the open day.. My bad! I might still throw it down on the aul’ CAO, for back up. Even if it ends up being the offer I get and I can’t even find DCU, I have faith in the words: “Ah sure it’ll be graaaand!”

And it will be grand. It’ll be grand that my parent teacher meeting is on Friday, it’ll be grand that I didn’t go to Saturday study this morning, and it’ll be grand that I’m online at my friend’s because I’m stranded here as my parents refuse to collect me in the snow. What will not be grand is that I now have no way of going to see Harry Potter. Some things in this world are just unacceptable.

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  1. Muss = must and gut = good. I must myself good organise literally translated. Them Germans are made of all sorts of crazy!

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