It feels too early to be saying the year is flying

…But it really is. Every week seems to be going by so quickly. Almost every day I’m like “jayzuz, today flew, didn’t it?” I might wake up tomorrow and it’ll be June 2011 and I wouldn’t have noticed the time go by. I know that by the end of this year, I’ll be astonished at how quick it all went, because I’m already astonished at how quickly we’ve gotten half-way through the first term (the longest term!)

The last week and a half have been fairly hectic for reasons outside school. In a bit a contrast to my last blog (about the wonderfulness of keeping up stuff outside school), I was definitely pushed to my limits in the last while, but I find I only blog when I’m fairly happy and content. I had some fairly important competitions coming up the last time I wrote here and was preparing for them. In the meantime I did the competitions, messed up, lost and now I’m back to my old state. Was a bit of a ball of depression after them but I’ve come around. I’m sorry for being so vague!

So, the first half-term of Leaving Cert in a nutshell: Well, it felt very little like there was some big, crucial exams coming up. Instead, it’s actually been the most content I’ve been at school in a long time! I’ve only started doing proper, independent revision study very recently, but that’s only for the Christmas tests. It started off breezy, continued on fairly breezily and is still breezy. I always thought at the start of the year that this was the calm before the storm. Well, it’s either still calm or this is just the most overhyped storm to blow over town in a long time.

So plans for the mid-term: sleep, relax, study, hang out with my friends actually OUTSIDE school. That’d be graaaand. I’ve actually been dying to go swimming as well in the last while, I haven’t gone in ages. Water is like…my element (or molecule, science nurdz! :P)

It’s nice to have some unscheduled free time again (albeit only a week of it)!

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