Yargh, thee Mid-Term is upon us… and then some!

Sorry, this could be a rather sparse blog… but as I write this listening to Christmas songs, I only have one thing to say. HALLOWEEN! 馃榾 This beautiful, beautiful pagan holiday gave us the glory of one week off… even though we have to go into school the next day… damn you VEC… 馃檨

The last week of school was good…ish. We had exams, which severely blew, but the teachers were just about as serious about it as we were so I was fairly chuffed. AND passed everything! But biology results were disappointing, 56%. 馃檨 T’was the second highest, AND had my favourite foe ecology having a MAJOR appearance, but I wish I studied. 馃檨 The English teacher who hated me last week gave me 86%? Okay…

But enough about school! (Even though this IS a Leaving Cert blog…) One whole week off. 馃檪 One word: PARTAAAY! Well, there is another word (well, three)… HOME. ECONOMICS. JOURNAL. Dammit! It has to be in for Friday week, our teacher told us it had to be in for last Friday, and my friend Aisling was stressed out for the first time. It was quite frightening. 馃槢 It’s good that we have a week and a half, but it’s so hard to sit down and do it! I have to do 1 more implementation, 4 evaluations, and 3 investigations/analysis to do… GAH. It’s one of those things where you really just have to sit down and CONCENTRATE. Plus, what the fudge is with the tiny page for writing? Dude, I’m left-handed. I can’t magically make my HUGE writing fit into that little box…. Crud, and this paragraph wasn’t supposed to be about school. 馃榾

Any other ladies doing the Public Speech for Assertiveness of Women? I haven’t even started my speech… but I always loved debating and have no problem getting up in front of crowds so it should be okay… even though I’ll be shaking like a leaf either way… I think I have a nervous disposition! 馃槢

I think that’s all I have to say pour ce moment! But… HALLOWEEN! I be going as a pirate! Aye, tis a grand idear methinks… I’ve even got my Facebook back in Pirate English! What is it that yees all arrrgh dressing up as? 馃榾 Never too old to dress up… 馃槈

Sl谩n go foill!
Kiera #2 馃檪 x

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