Life as We Know it

Wow, this place has really become like a ghost town, eh? I suppose the leaving cert has just about got to everyone. It sure has hell has got to me, holy moly I’m like a monsterous version of myself!

Well, the mocks. Well they happened (obviously) results took their time getting back, but overall I was happy enough. A’s and B’s, and of course a dirty C in Spanish (: But well..that was expected! So the CAO craze is making me feel like a want to kill myself. So as it stands (but is really subject to change once it re opens in may..)

  1. Medicine – Trinity
  2. Medicine – UCD
  3. Medicine – RCSI
  4. Medicine – NUIG
  5. Medicine – UCC
  6. Actuarial and Finance Studies – UCD
  7. Biomedical Health and Life Science – UCD
  8. Science – Trinity
  9. Science – UCD
  10. Science – NUIM

Ok, so I’m sure it looks a bit odd, covered in science and then BAM number 6, actuarial studies, well although it is technically a science, I’m just not that sure about it. Its one of those careers that everyone has always tried to push me toward instead of medicine. I did my work experience there, but god it seemed boring as hell = not only that, but its considered one of the hardest professions to get into because there are loads of rock hard exams to take. So why is it on my CAO I hear you say? I have no idea.

Basically, I have no idea what I want to do full stop with my life. Ok no, well stratch that, I know I want to be a doctor. But like, after seeing the amount of people in UCD alone for the HPAT in february has made me realise just how damn hard it is going to be.

So my options: Do a job I won’t enjoy, or, repeat. Neither sound fun. Not even remotely. I just don’t know if I could put myself through the strain of the leaving cert again, heck its nearly killed me this time as it is!  But, could I also put myself through years of college doing a course I have no interest in, and live my life with regrets? Yeah, 6th year sucks ass.

So spanish oral next week. You can imagine just how excited I am about that one..! Irish was yesterday, suprisingly kind of enjoyable, our examiner was so nice. BUT, you’ll never guess how lucky I was? (..sarcastic tone should be evident) Sitting outside waiting to go in, and the prinical rolls up with this aul fella, so obviously, I’m there trying to figure out whats going on, when the prinical turns around, ‘oh yeah, just go in for the next one I’m sure Edel won’t mind.’ It was a fricken inspector from the State Examinations. Who, I may add, I had to speak to the entire time we were waiting for the other oral to finish, and we spoke IN IRISH. Then, wouldn’t ya know, he left after my oral. So he was there for me and for me only! How splendid :

Well, the leaving cert has been a rollercoaster altogther, but now we are on the home stretch. Time for some serious work lads.

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