Maths two and Irish paper one: am I allowed to use ‘meh’ again?

I recently blogged about how ‘pleasant’ maths paper one was. We now know why, don’t we? Paper two was, if not difficult, irritating at least. I was happy to see the first installment behind me, but half way through the second question this morning I was lamenting algebra-ridden paper one. Perhaps a compass would have made the circle question a little more manageable, but despite this hideous lack of equipment I think it went okay.

I’m not counting maths for CAO points, but have to pass in order to meet college requirements, which I hopefully did. My friends in honours maths had similar things to say about their paper, I believe there was a nasty area question involving cheese. Let’s just hope that the nice paper one combined with the less than nice second paper will make for a decent overall mark.

Irish paper one was pretty straightforward. Although I was almost certain that the recession would feature in section A, I must say I was more than relieved to see “Slán leis an Tíogar Ceilteach!” as the third essay title. I toyed with the idea of writing the second, “An tUachtarán Barack Obama” but opted to include him in the celtic tiger essay. It went something like “I’ve got nothing against Fianna Fáil, but I wish our leaders were more like Barack Obama. Speaking of Barack Obama…”. His cameo provided some relief from the otherwise doomsday style composition.

The comprehensions were typically workable, I thought, but found it incredibly hard to concentrate on them. Today was my first full day of exams, and I more than once snapped back to consciousness with my nose an inch from the page. A snack of lucozade and chocolate was necessary to wake me up before the aural, which was equally unexceptional. Raidió na life are hiring again, apparently, and some guy called Tomás bought a new boat. A good few students in my year sat their Polish paper today, how did that go?

Now it’s full steam ahead for the enigmatic mess than is Irish paper two. I’ll be pleased with my performance if I work out which questions I’m expected to attempt, never mind if I successfully complete them. Arabic is on tomorrow as well, my friend Sarah will be sitting the paper (good luck!). So I’m off to work out why exactly Clare ascended to the Spéir, the role (if any) of Mailí, Pailí and Dailí in An Triail and just why everyone was so depressed in Bimse Buan.

I almost forgot about business studies, which is also on tomorrow. Common Agricultural Policy, anyone?

379 thoughts on “Maths two and Irish paper one: am I allowed to use ‘meh’ again?”

  1. i also twisted obama into my economy essay, and the louth fudge up and the fact that pronsios de rossa got elected to europe.
    kept it very modern lol
    then lost all concentration as i finished ridiculously early, listening was a doddle

    Paper 2 gonna be a biatch, business i plan to logically work my answers, might be another 5 am job as lack of motivation and an extreme headache prevents me frrom studying now.

    oh and honours maths paper 2, did u know two full questions is 33% so i can safely say i passed hopefully

    jeez this is long lol

  2. Maths paper 2 and I….not on speaking terms at the moment.
    Irish paper 1 was the most glorious exam I have ever sat! I loved it.

    But as i’ve mentioned before,
    Me: *skipping merrily through the LC*
    Irish Paper 2: *Big fuck off stone wall*

    Not a happy bunny

  3. Ordinary level was sooooo eazy, I mean everyone knows how to talk about a part time job in Irish. And ya that circle question, haha, my hand was very shaky from caffeine, so mine didnt look anything like a circle. Does anyone know what your supposed to do if you get something that looks like a fraction except without the line dividing the 2 numbers??? I probely sound like a retard to higher level maths people. And how do you spell probely???

  4. I know that Lisa! But I usually rock at probability but i cant recall seeing one of those before.

  5. That maths paper two was one of the toughest I’ve seen in years, they definitely weren’t giving away too many easy marks on that one.
    Oh well, hopefully my paper one will bring me up.

  6. Franky…Prionsios de Rossa = best name ever.

    Ryaners: I agree about the merrily skipping wall thing. -sigh-

    And PJ I thought you were Mr Probability?

    It probably will Kendell 😀

    Honours Irish…Cearrbhach…Bimse Buan…no idea bout An Triail though

  7. Oh, they usually ask like “if one of the letters of GRACE are picked at random, whats the probability it will be a vowel”. Well at least i got b and c right. o___O.

  8. I don’t like that story cause he mentions the kid…then the kid is forgotten


    It just makes me sick

    We’ll look dashing in white Ryanerz!

  9. ok so heres my viewing

    Irish 2

    cearrbhach ma chaba
    gcoileach gleann phadraig
    an triail—-maire breaking rules

    an mhathair
    da mbeidir aris dar gcumann

    havent the slightest…………..ratios anyone?

  10. Oh thank god part a is only worth 10 marks! And i might get attempt marks for like multiplying the numbers together. But the examiners going to think im a right dope.

  11. I’ve never read the story bout the chicken, think you’re right about the rest Franky

    I know Ryanerz, it’s just sickening

  12. Doubt it PJ

    I attempted an extra question, completely fupped it up then wrote “never mind this mess” next to it

  13. did everyone have problems with honours maths paper 2? i thought it was a dream! the cheese thing was handy! the second probability question is the easiest one that ever came up!

  14. I dont know if the poem “Nil aon Ni” is on the honours course but it heavily tipped NOT to come up because it was discovered last year that the poet is a pedophile.

  15. If they do come up then I’ll just write a big long rant as gaeilge as to why I’m not answering it.

    Then complain to the SEC immediately

  16. hadnt considered that option but now that you mention it its easier to blame you then waste money ringing 2fm lol

  17. For those business people, Ratios are heavily tipped!!!

    Aine ni bhreasail for an trial and leiriu duiltach!

  18. excuse me while i rant for a second lol

    does anyone else have them extremely pessimistic friends who cant see a posative side to anything and keep annoying the shit out of you when you have a majorly hard day today and ill they have to do is the poxy paper 2 in irish and then fudge off home while i have to sit through 3 hrs of boring bullshit in the business exam.

    ye i hate them people

  19. Grace, im just back from dinner and i am appalled at your comment about “that dire straits song”. The killers arent worthy to clean Mark Knophler’s shoes. Even though the Killers version may sound better, thats only because of modern technology.

  20. dont talk to me lol
    every minute i get off the same person ‘so whats coming up in irish’


    would mind but the same person all the time lol

  21. I’m not saying that either are better!

    I wouldn’t dare

    I’ll ignore the shoes comment, as I am quite attached to Brandon Flowers

    The cover is particularly good though, as covers go

  22. In summary:
    An Triail- Padraig, any minor characters! (Maaaaybe oibri socialta)
    Da m’fheidir aris…
    An Mhathair
    Uirchill an cegain
    An Bhean Og

    And stair as above!

  23. another little rant lol

    wtf is up with irish poets being depressed we might actually learn it if it was so god damn depressing


  24. DU DU DU DU DU DU, DU DU DU DU! Thats my feeble attempt at writing the riff to it. Whos going Oxegen???

  25. Does anyone remember that nike ad with the camera from first person perpective, it shows a soccer player playing for Arsenal and then Holland???

  26. No its just theres a band at oxegen, and the song on the ad is theres. Everyone is put off by their name “Eagles of Death metal” but they are actually going to be one of the best bands at oxegen this year. look up their song “dont speak”.
    P.S. They are NOT a death metal band. i wouldnt listen to that shite.

  27. ooh grace u changed ur picture

    or u prob did it ages ago ?

    i have the attention span of a squirrel tend not to notice small things lol

  28. Totally PJ

    It’s cwazy

    I changed it yesterday Franky! Other one was cweepy

    Whewe awe my aaaar’s?

    Any chance of An tOileán showing up?

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  30. <3 <3

    Two hearties for Franky

    Cause he’s that cool

    Fada…’alt gr’ and the letter you want to use it with 🙂

  31. ooh left out a good one

    Ta sí ina máistir an teanga, mar a léirítear i gcruinneas agus i ngontacht línte mar

  32. since im in a generous mood

    introduction that can be used in any An Triail essay:

    Sa drama ceannródaíoch seo tarraingíonn an drámatóir Máiréad Ní Ghráda pictiúr fíor-thragóideach faoi bhean óg neamhurchóideach a d’fhulaing go huafásach faoi lámha sochaí na hEireann ins na seascaidí.
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    at least 10 lines on A4

  33. I AM a disgrace to my native language. All languages really.

    Grace, my advice is corny but affective, Aim for the stars!

  34. should always aim for something

    the sense of achievement will be imense when getting ur result and u can proudly march on to wherever u intend to go to college(somewhere down that way i presume)
    with ur head held high knowing you achieved ur goals

    my god that was cheesy lol

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  36. Does anyone know if there is any college courses that exist that you can become a philosopher out of??? I love philosophy

  37. I have this philosophy about the meaning of life, it goes something like:


  38. Im not planning on living at home, but thats a long lonely drive, and i have stayed with college students in Dublin before. Not too far away from a hole, isnt it crazy how bad tv reception is in Dublin? Philosophy looks cool, i have always played with the idea of wasting my life….

  39. ooh grace braving the even bigger smoke next yr.

    please note move here and will raid ur fridge at least once a week

    im broke lol

  40. NUI Galway have a philosophy course, i wonder how much my parents would freak if i did it? It would be something along the lines of “Why cant you be more like your sisters?”.
    They all did boring business degrees. Ones on her way to becoming an accountant, YAWN, Another is doing risk assessment,double YAWN, and i cant remember what the other one is doing but im sure it would be a triple YAWN.

  41. also please note my fridge sucks practically un raidable

    athletes dnt get to eat nice foods, by nice i mean unhealthy

    funny how a leaving cert blog leads to talking about fridges

  42. Lol

    If it’s not your thing then fup it

    Do philosophy through arts in UCD

    It’s the place to be!

    Couple it with economics or something, keep the parents and boring siblings happy 😀

  43. No it was Journalism at UL for a while, changed my mind a few months back!

    The journo degree is 4 years

    Don’t wanna do a 4 year arts degree

  44. dont hold against me or anything lol

    reluctantly yes

    mostt people will spend the summer boozing while i will be gyming it and killing myself on running tracks.loll

    its fun really i swear

  45. Me Running = Me Dead
    I Drink, I smoke, I smoke, I eat shit, I hate all veg apart from lettuce,spuds, and those green things in McDonald burgers. I think i could die before i finish college!

  46. Actually i have a great beach body. And i never go to the gym. My metabolism is uber fast, i think i may have Graves Disease. (reading my biology book ALOT)

  47. I bet the four of us will be blogging on here next year

    Cause we’re all gonna fail and have to repeat…

  48. Ah now I’m just kidddinnnnnng


    I’m a bit hyper

    Check your blogspot Ryanerz

  49. Water is a sucky drink for sucky people!
    Unless its mixed with Jack Daniels or something.
    I wish i could of discovered this site earlier, i would of loved to be a blogger. You dont know how lucky you are Grace

  50. ooh speaking of blogs im meant to have one about africa(im goin theere next month)

    but i lack motivation as usual lol

  51. YA! JD and coke. But if i have to drink water then it would be with JD or suddy or jameson or Smirnoff or jegameister(i know spelling is wrong ok). Is anyone else feeling thirsty right now?

  52. Glasto is alot further away.. Although I was promised a ticket, but I’m 99% sure it was a bullshit promise

  53. no actually i need money to get me to africa next month so more like gimme money people so i can go help some africans 🙂

  54. I beat that quiz years ago 😀

    Or at least got so far along it that it took hours to get up to where I messed up again

  55. ok i sero need to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    peace out and try not to fail irish

    business is easy


  56. Pretty much!
    Ok oiche mhaith mo hooligan agus….Eoin. (you’re too new for me to have a nick name for you yet)

    Go n’eiri an t-adh!

  57. Ordinary level irish.. Means I don’t have to do any work for tomorrow though, it’s only worth 18% 🙂


  59. Had to go to the shop for fags and Lucade sport Raspberry flavour. Its really nice, im thinking of mixing it with Berocca Boost. Tried it with red bull this morning was NICE!

  60. I have em all man. My Irish teacher gave us every handout he ever gave to us on the last day of school.

  61. 250 Comments! Thats Epic Procrastination!

    Sleep is overrated. Think i might study for a couple of hours. Gaelige Paipear a dó like.

  62. Fair point to say you wish our leaders were more like Obama… but to then tail off into Obama himself is getting off the topic of the essay. You’ll be penalised for that, especially when they blatantly gave you the option to write about Obama if you wished. They won’t like that you made up your own essay question: ie, a combo of b and c.

  63. Jason was a bit of a killjoy there last night wasn’t he?
    And yes I know its only 12.42….I left Irish paper 2 early!!! :D:D
    It was a beaut of a paper

  64. Hey Ryaners! I left my Irish at like 11:00 but i only do pass, it was a walk in the park. I cant figure out why they give us so much time time for it…….

  65. Im back! Ya i did well. “It was a beaut of a paper”pretty much sums it up. Off tomorrow so plenty of time for Biology on Thursday! Whens your next one?

  66. Clearly they have lives. Not like us cool people who ran home and went on line the second they got the chance

  67. Yeah saoirse, 4 whole days of sleep and then one day (or a couple of hours) to cram Chemistry before Tuesday! We all know that’s how it’s gonna happen…

  68. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.


    Liam….i quite like that plan might have to steal it..
    i presume we’re all chopping the course unbelievably….rel molec mass of volatile liquid anyone..? 😉

  69. hey gracie lou lou! congrats on the times again yday, it seems you’re always first on the list, and with the most writing too! i thinks you is da bestessssst 4 lyf, 2k9 anyway 😛
    anyways hope business was ok…ima get back to chewing my leg of lamb! fiona is just the coolest to give it to me!
    dinkers loves you! xxx

  70. nope had to do a project on it in sixth class!!
    theres memory for ya 😛

    cept i might have cheated by googling spelling 😀 😀

  71. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
    A lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.’ Normally called silicosis.

  72. haha her e-mail box is gonna be flooded when she gets home! bless! there goes her night of revision for french…haha

  73. woah no wonder how fast do you guys comment like! eeek my fingers would fall off i think!
    yeah sure french will be grand, like you won’t be caught for time at least! you can watch the examiner for a while, draw on the desk, day dream about freedom…watch the examiner again…and give him dirty looks if he has squeaky shoes like my one, oh and he likes to pace! …oh and then you can write a bit o’ french! =) it’s all gravy baby

  74. Hey!!! We clearly established last night that this blog would be for procrastination( great word btw) only so knock it off. And that includes you PJ, oh wait thats me!

  75. damn foux du fafa has gotten me hooked on flight of the conchords… damn youtube! there goes study flying by!

  76. mmm yes? you gonna follow through on this offer of yours or are you getting my hopes up in vain?

  77. Basically, they’re saying don’t do the formal letter if it comes up. Unless you have it perfect.
    Feck all advice tbh

  78. thanks a mill….your a star
    social inequalities…ugh the joys 🙁

    my teacher came up to us today & said “make sure ye learn all about the head scarves!”….

    i think shes lost it…

  79. okay so we all know the qu’en pensez vous question on problems


    well heres concluding paragraph that is unbleievable and pretty long.


    Il est necessaire qu.on reunisse tous les meilleurs ésprits du pays; des gens a cet égard, pour faire face a ce probléme, pour trouver les causes et pour évaluer les solutions qui s’offerent. Ne craignons pas l’avenir! Ayons confiance en nous-meme, les jeunes. On dit il vaut mieux allumer une petite bougie que de maudire l’obscurité.

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