Not. Feeling. The Study.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic It’s not even 4pm, I’ve had loads of sleep, no caffeine to speak of, plenty of all the right types of foods, I’m not too hot, not too cold, my room isn’t too noisy/messy whatever…I’m just not feeling it. Basically I’ve got absolutely zero excuse to sit about and fret, but I’m doing it anyway.

Irish 1 and maths 2 tomorrow. I’m not worried, but I know that I could do much better with just a few hours study. Anyone else feel the same? We all seem to be banking on cúlú for the honours Irish essay, if it doesn’t come up, will I panic? Oh no. It’ll obviously have been a mistake on the SEC’s part, I’ll write it anyway. They’ll probably end up thanking me for it.

I’m not delusional. If any aspect of Irish or American politics/economy comes up I can probably manipulate what I’ve learned to fit it, and even if drug abuse is my only option…I’ll pin it on the recession. It’ll work, right? Besides the two tomorrow, I’ve also got two exams on Tuesday and one on both Wednesday and Thursday. I better go study.

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  1. does anybody know if you get marks for an essay that’s completely irrelevant to the title?

  2. I think i heard them talking on the radio about that a few days ago. Someone last year misread the question and wrote something “completely irrelevant to the title”, and they got 0 marks. Ah well.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement and enthusiasm PJ! If only you could sell that stuff. And yeah…the other pic scared me immensely.

    Bob, I’d love to know that myself. Anyone?

    Perhaps you automatically lose 20% and then it’s marked on it’s own merits, or something like that.

  4. The amazing woman that is my Irish teacher told us that if you are even REMOTELY close to the title for the story its fine!
    No matter what comes up once the irish is correct you’ll be grand. But I don’t know if its the same case for the essay. (Which is why I am doing the sceal)

  5. Good to know ^ Cause that’ll definitely come in handy tomorrow.

    “The elderly are indeed neglected in Irish society. But now that a global economic recession has taken hold of the world, they’ll be neglected even more.

    Tuigeann gach mac mathair in Eireann go bhfuil cúlú…”

    I really gotta learn it.

  6. Wouldn’t it be lovely if it was something like: “Eireann – Tir Alainn Trina Cheile”? like it was one year…

  7. A Different Aoife

    OMG I’ve been feeling like that since waking up this morning, its horrible 🙁

    But you know what I did? Went for a brisk walk and had a lovely shower for like half an hour. Now, equipped with a big cold glass of water, i feel ready for irish and maths! We can do it! 😀 not much longer now actually….

  8. A Different Aoife

    Well I AM the original “A Different Aoife”

    Yeah its fairly annoying, there was like 4 Aoife’s in my tutor class

  9. A Different Aoife

    God I love procrastination… anyone remember the Sabrina episode where she kept procrastinating? I learnt so much from Sabrina

  10. A Different Aoife

    Welllllllllll… considering I’m doing ordinary level, it should be a walk in the park… honours Maths on the other hand…..

  11. I just thought…what if recession comes up but they put a nasty spin on it? Like advice for people during the recession, or materialism…or or or….

  12. Ooh very pretty picture!

    No matter what comes up tomorrow, I think I’ll probably be twisting a recession essay to fit. I might write a vague first paragraph remotely relating to whatever they’re asking and then my next paragraph shall start… “So… did you hear about the recession?!”

    I’m rather worried about maths, but yet, can’t motivate myself to look at it. Ah, the joys of procrastination…

  13. I love you….there, I said it

    The essay is a sixth of our overall Irish mark, in honours anyhow. So if you omitted it entirely you could still get a B. If you half arsed it and did fantastic in everything else, you could get an A.

    I like.

  14. Ha za, only ryaners! Thank you grace!
    Aoife, that is an excellent summary of an Irish essay! A1 winging its way.

  15. 6 wrecks my head. I just avoid it.

    Learn the formulas needed for 2 and 3 and they’re easy enough.

    Sure Ryanerzz

  16. Ryaners is a fairly amazing name now lets face it.

    Hmmm….someone saw my email address did we Grace? I’m on to you….hooligan!

  17. I’ll do it more often if you’d like? In fact it could become a form of pet name?

    Don’t worry, my slightly whimsical take on my email address made my day at the time. Not your ordinary [email protected] oh no! I took a new approach.

    Yes Ryaners too, we must gather all the other Ryaners and form a crime fighting team.
    A giant R as our emblem

  18. Ya Lots of people think that. I dunno, the first time i saw the question, i just could do it without any1 ever telling me how, its like a puzzle or something. I wish the whole paper was Probability.

  19. Every single irish story I have had to write since the JC has been the same.

    For example:

    “You have just walked into school, and nobody is there”

    “I walked into school and nobody was there, and then i realised it was saturday. My friend Patrick rang me and invited me to a party….”


    “You have just landed in Spain on a holiday..”

    “I have just landed in Spain on a holiday when I realised that I shouldn’t be in Spain and I went home. My friend Patrick rang me and invited me to a party…”


    “You have just got a summer part time job and it is your first day…”

    “I have just got a part time job for the summer and it is my first day, but I realised that I had enough money and didnt need a job so my friend Patrick rang me and invited me to a party…”


    And I have never failed the story part. Maybe its easy marking..?

  20. RYANERS you crack me up! Ryaners needs to join The Party Party. It’s where all the cool kids go.

    PJ that would be…scary

    Aoife if that does happen, I’ll either have to BS it or lose the marks going for the register…

  21. Ye he’s a proper party animal, he’ll be ringing tomorrow during the irish exam inviting me to a party aswell.

  22. *Little lady

    Tut tut

    Imagine not knowing my Tom Jones!

    Let’s challenge you so Rob…write a story about going to your aunts funeral

  23. “I was going to my Aunt’s funeral when I realised that both my parents are only children, so my friend Patrick rang me and invited me to a party”


  24. Ryaners too, feeble attempt. You have been kicked out of the crime fighting team! Please return your uniform to the crime fighting hi-ace.

    Hooligan, I love you! You know Tom Jones.
    Aoife….how could you think I was a boy?

    I have a feeling I know where Rob’s story will end up. At a party me thinks.

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    l l The super cool Ryaners crime fighting club!!!!!

  26. “My friend Patrick died last week, but then I realised he was the second coming of God and after 3 days he rang me and invited me to a party”

    Don’t think I have the vocab for this one 🙁

  27. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
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  28. Right, you’ve proven yourself illiterate and out of the crime fighting team!
    That is clearly an F sir, good day!

    Ryans are the party people now really, us and our family motto
    “i’d rather die, than be disgraced”

  29. Oh hello different Aoife! There’s an Aoife2 aswell. Lots of us here now.

    Bob, that title would be quite perfect.
    If I go in and see Bochtanas there, I might actually cry tears of joy.
    If not, I’ll probably be crying anyway…not necessarily happy tears.

  30. I like it PJ

    I may just adopt that motto

    Irish essay has to be 500 words

    I’ve got like 400…..


  31. Oh my God, if i have children, im going to call one of them Disgrace, that would unreal.”Disgrace, your dinners ready”.

  32. It wouldnt of been goog though, Ryaners too couldnt even draw an R. Like how hard could it be, watch.


    See i can do it!

  33. He is the black sheep of the family though. We only let him out for weddings and funerals.
    He would’ve minded the van.

  34. No one knows anything about advice. Sure the Government don’t know what to do. *cue rant about Government*


  35. Basically, no matter what they say complain. Just complain. Everything is a disgrace. Everything.
    If they try to put a positive spin on it disagree. And complain.
    It is the only way I know how to do write an Irish essay 😛

  36. I’m confused… Is ryaners a girl? :O
    I always asumed s/he was a guy!…

    Sorry to drag this back, but I just thought, I reckon if they’re going to put recession on, it’ll be disguised, or to be found in the diospoireacht/newspaper section, or both, just to make it awkward… Must learn the starting/ending formulae for these…. 🙁

  37. Ya know what I am officially screwed for these exams!

    I dunno if I’m delusional or just that I hate school so much but I can NOT study for these exams no matter how hard I try! I HAVE tried everything yet I can never go on a long bout of studying! It’s just SO BORING!

    I’ll cram all my stuff in my head tonight! And that should get me through!


  38. I’ma go ahead and copy what I posted on a different thread (:

    To those of you who only need a C3 in Irish, here’s something that might calm you down a little.

    You can actually afford to lose 270 marks and still get your 55%. Thats a full essay question, the aural exam and 70 points left to spare put together.

    Thinking about that is just about the only thing stopping me from pulling out my hair right now =P

    Oh, and no one even think about changing their name to ‘A Different Liana’.. I checked..I’m the only one in Ireland ^^

    ..kinda of..

  39. Oh.. and if you’re gonna call your kid Disgrace.. you should change your surname to ‘Ful’

    That’ll be one way to make sure your kid has no friends and ace’s the LC =P

  40. If something to do with bochtanas I really will cry…. I haven’t done a tap of work all weekend, and instead of cramming right now, where am I? Here. Complaining about the lack of work I’ve done. Isn’t life funny? *cries*

  41. Right i’ve stayed away long enough. Return of the ryaners!
    Aoife i’m in the same, rapidly sinking boat

  42. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the woman on that 2fm show the other week said that if your essay is totally and utterly unrelated to the title, you get nothing.
    Which is slightly disappointing, seeing as I heard from a friend you only lose 20 marks. Guess we’ll have to try to be relevant!

  43. Franky G are you gonna do a rob on it?
    “You have just landed in Spain on a holiday..”

    “I have just landed in Spain on a holiday when I realised that I shouldn’t be in Spain and I went home. My friend Patrick rang me to say that a Louth man screwed up the leavin cert English.”

  44. nah if economy comes up say ill blame lack of funding on the louth thing.

    if coras oideachas comes up ill just hammer the cock up right into them 🙂

  45. It all went to shit there a while ago.
    Aoife found out I was a girl, there were 2 ryans, I mean where will it stop? Prostitution!? Drugs?! Say it aint so

  46. “nah if economy comes up say ill blame lack of funding on the louth thing.”
    You could talk about how it cost over 1 million to redistribute all the papers.

  47. Well…I wouldn’t know. I haven’t been there in some time! And me being a Kildare woman and it being situated in Laois…

  48. Ahhh…right. Dunno why that is, but we’ll go with it anyway! No no, Cill Dara abú and all that.
    Its ok hooligan, I trust ye

  49. No, I’m not actually stalking you people…Ryanerz IP address, which is emailed to me for some reason, has got Portlaoise in it

  50. I have absolutely no idea how that happened? And potlaoise? What would I be doing there?! Solving crimes!

  51. Indeed it is. In my opinion they just forgot to fill that in on the information about kildare sheet and we just got left with white cause it was left blank

  52. HaHa, thats a good theory, and it cant be disproven by anyone. Just like my theory that if you paint an elephant orange and put him on the moon he would turn into a carrot, cant be disproven either

  53. We’ll stick to PJ so!
    Right my fellow leaving certs, I bid you farewell.
    Same time tomorro? Slán abhaile!

  54. For the essay there’s 20% going for relevance, but if it’s completely irrelevant you get no marks. You can make it fit though by just tying it in vaguely. As in, bochtanas comes up when you’ve learnt cúlú, so you just say ‘everyone’s poor because of the economy’ every so often.

  55. So I did Maths all day. I haven’t done or looked at an Irish essay since the Mocks.

    Last one before that was Christmas. Oh dear.

  56. ||||||||||||||||||||||| lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
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    P R K
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  59. I have never been so screwed for an exam in my life and yet I am still on the internet…is there some kind of helpline for people who are addicted to this yoke??

    why did I keep on honours maths when I have the attention span of a squirrel??!

    All I can think of is building a time machine to tranport me either safely to september where I will find that I miraculously got my coarse or back to February where I can throw my laptop out the window,close the curtains and start studying properly…

    I’m sorry for anyone who bothered to read that rant…deep breath…I just had to get that off my chest


    Last time, i promise.

  61. feeling slightly more normal now…slightly

    found this generic irish essay so if something vague comes up on ireland I should do ok

    fuck it

  62. Ok, just googled it, here are all the surnames that exist beginning with “ful”


    So, just marry a guy with one of these surnames and your sorted. I like the sound of Fulsom myself
    Grace Fulsom

    NICE 😀

  63. OMG!!! Did anyone know that they give you extra marks in maths if you answer all your questions in Irish??? Quickly, whats the Irish for area and volume???

  64. i did my junior cert all through irish… worst few years of my life 🙁
    i can tell you all the science definitions in irish [well i used to be able…]
    and i took great pleasure in throwing my history and geography books into the fire when i was finished!

  65. I think i will have a crack at it anyway. All the questions il be doing will only need the bare minimum of writing word so why not, everyone should give it a go if you can get up to 12extra marks for it. It could make the difference between a c3 and a b1.

  66. Woops! meant C1 and B3.

    Ive got to go cramming.

    We’re crammin’:
    I wanna cram it wid you.
    We’re crammin’, crammin’,
    And I hope you like crammin’, too.

    Good night and good luck all!

  67. καὶ ἵνα μή τις δύνηται ἀγοράσαι ἢ πωλῆσαι εἰ μὴ ὁ ἔχων τὸ χάραγμα, τὸ ὄνομα τοῦ θηρίου ἢ τὸν ἀριθμὸν τοῦ ὀνόματος αὐτοῦ. Ὧδε ἡ σοφία ἐστίν· ὁ ἔχων νοῦν ψηφισάτω τὸν ἀριθμὸν τοῦ θηρίου· ἀριθμὸς γὰρ ἀνθρώπου ἐστί· καὶ ὁ ἀριθμὸς αὐτοῦ χξϛ.

  68. Ok Adrian, ya your a real insomniac alright. Like who stays up this late when they have to be up at 8 o clock, oh wait, I do.

    ^What the fuck man, no one writes in hieroglyphs anymore, ok mister x thingy that looks like E thingy that looks like upside down 5. Lets just call you Tom, ok. So Tom, either fuck off, or get a keyboard thats not from ancient egypt. Ok Tom, have you got that?^

  69. I have returned!
    PJ….why did you bother writing out your initials?
    “Tom” stop that! I will use google translate man. You have been warned

    Ok, so anyone that did ordinary level Irish today will know what im talking about. Why the fuck was Irish paper 1 was on for 2 and a half hours?? It takes a maximum of an hour and a half to do the exam and that includes checking spelling mistakes, tip exing out scribbles, etc. Actually if i had wrote as fast as i did for English it would of taken me like 45 minutes.
    So we were left hang around for ages before the listening comprehension started. Why dont the SEC get some fucking brain cells and put the listening comp first??? And why the fuck every time the bit you were supposed to be listening out for came up, you got this big booming sound. Like for example ” Ta me booooooooooooooooooooooom”. W.T.F.
    And what the fuck are those 19th century devices that they play the tape on? And why is it played on a tape anyway, cant they get fucking CDs? Like come on, who uses tapes anymore? So that is why the SEC are TOTAL FUCKING RETARDS!

  71. ours was on cd,

    and the higher level paper is also embarrassingly long, can be easily done in less then 2 hours

  72. Ok maybe it was a CD, but its still terrible sound quality, especially if your sitting like a meter away from the fucking thing.

  73. Ok lets stay on topic here guys, SEC=RETARDS remember, even though thats kinda an insult to people with mental disability’s.

  74. Oh no its happening!!! Those Terminator films were right all along! Run people, before she gets you!



    “Perhaps we should make it C’s”


    Love it Mona 😀

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