nobody gets it

So like the lc is the biggest joke in the world…..makes zero sense, I’m so stressed really stressed….nobody gets it not even my friends they are all high achievers and know what they wanna do after the lc….I’m 17 I have no clue what I’m gonna be doing for the rest of my life…..its so stupid, the fact that a few days will sum all the work you’ve done in the past 2yrs….I mean you could have an off day or not feel well those days plus I’ve lost myself in the process I was super sporty before this year and I’ve gained soooo much weight…emotional eating…..its like my life has been on pause for so long and here I am now the 5th of June and I don’t have a clue about what to do….plus I’m always crying, I swear it’s breaking my heart and I’m afraid I’ll fail maths what I am going to do? this is a nightmare…I mean trust me I’ve tried but there you go I suppose….btw I had the worst maths teacher in the world and Irish is a dead language nobody cares about it…….

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