Only Just Beginning…

Okay, that was a pleasant enough start.
Here’s how my life generally panned out since last night’s excited and caffeine induced post.

At nine thirty I sent myself to bed, it was at this point I realised that I really ought to invest in curtains that actually succeed in blocking out light. Still, all in good time. I was still awake after midnight, my phone kept getting texts and I was to scared to turn it off in case it wouldn’t go off in the morning, oh the little trivialities that keep us going!
Anyway, I woke up this morning at half six, feeling pretty good. Feeling ready, then again it’s hardly hard to feel ready for an exam that in essence requires no preparation. Still, I was happy. Berocca Boost went down a treat as well, I really must remember to write a nice letter to the Berocca folk praising their product..
I hope that everyone elses family provided them with such invaluable advice as I was given when I was leaving the house this morning, it went something like the following,

“Marie, you have to write a composition in this one don’t you?”
“Yah, I do” (see my subtle teenage sullen nature)
“Okay… Make sure it has a beginning, middle and end”
“Will do”

And with that I went to school, enriched with the aforementioned wisdom imparted upon me.
Okay, get to school.. It was like looking into a beehive, you know, all these little busy workers just murmuring and moving very quickly..
Our exam supervisor is lovely, she kept saying nice things like “Deep breaths now” and “You know more than you think you do” to people, great things to hear on the first day. However I do envisage that by the time the 17th rolls around I’ll be ready to scream “JUST GIVE ME THE *expletive* PAPER ALREADY!”.
The longgggggggggest three minutes of my life occurred when she had handed out the papers to us, ordered us not to turn them over (OR WE DIE) and to wait for three minutes.. In those three minutes so many different thoughts just rushed through my head, most of them having absolutely nothing to do with the exams. I hummed a verse of my favourite song in my head, enjoyed a childhood memory and began to notice that you can totally tell alot about a person by what they keep on their desk during an exam.

Right, three minutes were over, thankfully. I then nearly ripped the paper itself to smithereens in my desperate bid to get the thing open. I had my timing all sorted out in my head, five minutes for “active reading”, fifty for Question A, fifty for Question B, everything left for my composition and a quick read though.
I did the Question A on the Zoo debate, thought it was okay.. But the more I spend thinking about what I wrote invariably results in me thinking I did worse and worse (inversely proportion don’tcha know). As a debater with school I was glad to have that to make myself feel better about the question, “sure I know what I’m talking about… persuasive language for the win!”.
I was glad enough though to move on to my Question B, being all too aware at how fast the time was ticking by…. I did the speech.. Think it was also fine.. Like in my mocks I was docked marks for writing too much for the question B but I still wrote (I think) three pages.. Is that normal? Hmmm…

FINALLY got to the composition,I did the story about the protagonist having to make a decision. It suited the idea I had in mind PERFECTLY, a nice thing to see in the middle of an exam. However it was at this point my energy was starting to lag, noticed that the room had NO fresh air and hardly no natural light, it was like being in a stuffy cave… It also came to my attention that I did in fact get sunburned yesterday, ouch. I also really needed to use the bathroom at this stage.. I tell you something, sacrificing the well being of your kidneys in order to complete an essay first takes REAL dedication… Anyway, all in all I got it all done and managed to flick though and make a few corrections (just small slips of the hand really) before the time was up. Wow, time sure does fly when you’re having about as much fun as a Coulrophobic in a circus (clown phobia…)..
Left the exam centre both physically and mentally exhausted. Also quite peckish. Collapsed onto the grass outside for about ten minutes, just for a brief exam analysis but now I want to just move on and concentrate on what’s to come. After all, one down but nine to go. Now I’m going to try get my Macbeth quotes learned perfectly before allowing myself a nap. Tonight is going to be long and tiring, even though I’m taking a risk and only doing two poets, Bishop and Longley… Fingers crossed I’m not being a fool.
Tomorrow will be challenging without a doubt but at least we’re not as bad as those who went before us, trying to do both exams in one day.

Hope everyone found it suited them, let us know.:)

16 thoughts on “Only Just Beginning…”

  1. Yeah still sucks for the people doing Home Ec though, it really doesn’t make it any easier for them. My superintendent is hilarious. can’t wait to see how she entertains us over the next 2 weeks.

    Love the parental advice. Mine went something like “…d’you have a pencil?”

  2. Frankly… I’m longing for Longely. Paper I was hilarious and my exam superintendant is quite simply the greatest legend ever. I forgot to remove the sticker and fold the inlet… he said “run along and enjoy the sun… you looked like you enjoyed that”.

    Miles ahead of my JC superintendant who quite frankly… cut her …yes I did say cut… her toenails during Maths paper I. Hilarious? No. I secretly wished that someone would be hit in the face with the remnants of the filing and screamed… But no such luck.

    And now I return to the magical world of comparing the uninteresting and doing what English paper II is based on… faking compassion. Anyone else for a ridiculously late night (just to make sure)… after all Borocca and copious amounts of coffee downed with the mandatory 11.30 Snickers bar will ensure that every thing remains “As it should be”.

    Keep it real guys.

  3. my parental advice… “go kick sum ass”…(just trying to get with it if you know what i mean) i was like excuse me now?? you do know its an english exam! lol! parents…
    i answered text 2 question B … text 3 question A… and they went fine… the essay i did was all feckd up… i did it on the daydreaming one… flip it.. it was just the weirdest essay i’ve ever written!.. poor corrector!! haha!!

  4. I couldn’t have possibly gone back in to sit Home Ec today. I felt so bad for all the people who had to…

    I really hope that it was just a first day thing, because otherwise those full days will be more hellish than I had expected them to be 🙁

  5. I only have one full day (maths + irish) thank God. I couldn’t imagine having a load of consecutive full days… *shudder*

  6. I’ve got two next week. Damn business. It’s grand having only one, you can study the whole course the night before 😀

  7. I have Maths & Geography, Maths & Irish and then Irish II and Business. I may just collapse and die after Irish & Business. Seriously, seriously dreading it.

    Four half days though! 🙂

  8. hey! you should get some dextro to go with the berocca its basicaly sugar in tablet form but good for a boost in the middle of an exam. Love the blog btw 😉

  9. LATIN 🙁 not until the 17th.. Day after chem so least I’ll be kept busy

    Business and Irish 2 together, I just know that the bastards are conspiring together against me!That is by far my worst day 🙁

  10. ARGH, I was just looking at the timetable, and Irish II ends at 12:50, and then Business starts at 2. That’ hour and 10 minutes to disect Irish, and learn the entire Business course…Oh and eat.

    Seriously, who the fuck thought that was a good way to lay out the timetable? They also put French first thing the next morning. Thank you, SEC. You people are clever beyond words. 🙁

  11. Eh… I’m sorry…?
    Pretty sure I have numerous times on here, but should you wish to continue viewing me as someone who would never utter such profanities, feel free to pretend it never happened 😉

  12. fuck this shit


    im sorry if you handed it to junior infrants could easily make an attempt at it lol!!!!

    i loved writting my story !!!

    it involved homosexual fathers

    burst of laughter out of no were

    religion teachers

    pricicpals running away with schools money and sailing away with a cheif <true story happen in my school lol

    i did the frist essay lol

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