Random Day

“18th February – Note to self pay for leaving cert!”

Today has been quite random, woke up at nine to go to town. I said screw it, too early. The mocks are finally over and have been alright. But really what it what has it been all for, it had done nothing but cause anxiety and ends in nothing more than a marathon of alcohol for students. I didn’t go too mad with the mid-week celebrations. This weekend shall bring the madness!

Woman holding abnormaly large chequeWhen I finally got up today at about 2pm, I freaked out, I was lead to believe today was the final day to pay the leaving cert fees, the atypical 29th February with an unsystematic €101. I made it to the bank from home with the help of a considerate friend with a car, lifesaver. What student has money to pay for an exam they have no interest in, we are paying for us to be a benefit to the state. We will not use what we have learned in history for the rest of our lives, our future. We have been forced to experience stress, “without this exam we have no future”. Today however is not the last day to pay is it?

While in this bank another pal was in another, here she asked to take out €10 for her friend with the required credentials. She was refused. Within minutes the Guaraí were called and ended up at her friend’s doorstep, priceless. It makes me think, is the whole world against the younger kind – ageism.

So who’s going out at the weekend? For what could be a very curious weekend.


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