Site Updates: 3rd September 2010

Auto author images in posts

I spent literally all day yesterday working on this… all for you guys… From now on, when any of our authors publish posts, their avatar will be displayed automatically beside each post. That avatar when links to…

Customized Author profile page

Every author now has their own profile page which contains their ‘about me’ text, their avatar and a full list of their posts.

Blown away by interest

Myself & Enda have been delighted with the response from this year’s leaving certs. It seems the entire country wants to blog here on (well ok, maybe we’re not that popular, yet).

However, because we have so much interest & so many applicants, it’s giving us a problem… we agreed a limit of 15 featured bloggers, never expecting to really reach it. But we have reached it already and there’s still more and more of you looking to hop on board.

New guest bloggers

We’ve already accepted our featured bloggers for a reason and we believe they deserve the chance to shine so we’re not going to go beyond our limit of 15 featured bloggers. However, because of the huge interest, we’re going to form a new team of guest bloggers. There will be NO LIMIT on the amount of guest bloggers we can have. However, we won’t just accept anyone, we’ll still need an application. So it’s not just a case of signing up and writing away, we’ll still be playing the role of Simon Cowell and you still have to get past us before you can start writing…

These guest bloggers will have their posts published on but when we decide when to post them, unlike our featured bloggers who will (eventually) be free to publish posts whenever they want.

By controlling when blog post are published, it allows us to keep a steady flow of new content rolling in all the time. In years gone by, we could have 3 or 4 posts in a day followed by no posts for a week. We’re hoping to stamp that out and become more consistent. Guest bloggers and their posts will help us do that.

We’ve had to think on our feet…. it’s only september yet and people are just getting settled in to 6th year. So we’re anticipating more and more future blogging superstars getting in touch with us as the year goes on. We don’t want to turn away people who can obviously write and entertain the country so we feel a new team of ‘guest bloggers’ is the way forward.

Busy, busy, busy

As you’ve probably guessed already, things will be a hell of a lot busier here than last year. You can expect new content on a daily basis. It’s our job to manage all of this content and try to display it in the best possible manner. So we’ll be introducing a whole pile of new features on this site designed to ensure the best bloggers and their best posts get the coverage they deserve.

But that’s just on this site (… if you’re impressed by this, just wait ’til you see what we have coming around the bend… starting with a brand new site on Monday, 6th September. You heard it here first 😉

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