I’m officially an underachiever

In other words: see ya later, Honours Maths. Or never. Never sounds reasonably appealing. I had my first Ordinary class today and I regret nothing. Je ne regrette rien. No me arrepiento.

Warning: life story coming up. The ever-engrossing topic of mé féin is endlessly fascinating to yours truly, but may be less so to those who have yet to experience the boundlessly fabulous wonders of being me. I’m fabulous. I sparkle. Look at me, sparkling all over this blog. Did I just get some sparkle-dust on your keyboard? If so, I apologise.

Anyway, basically, I got sick and missed a year of Higher Maths. I’m not the sort of person who can afford to miss a year of Higher Maths. You know how it is: you miss one rung on the ladder, and if you’re like me and you have very short mathematical limbs, it means you can’t climb on to the next one. It’s easier to just jump down and land on the marshmallowy trampoline of the Ordinary Level course. Mmmm, marshmallows.

From now on, I’ll spend 1/7th of my timetable finishing the work early and drawing cats in the margins of my notes. A feline presence is highly beneficial to the acquisition of mathematical skills, y’know. (Yes, that is my attempt at sounding scientific when I don’t even do Biology. Don’t mock me.)

Honestly, I can’t see myself missing the maths itself, but there is a status-oriented part of me. I’m not fond of it. If all the other parts of me were having some sort of Naoise’s-fragmented-personality party, there’s no way it’d be invited. If it gate-crashed like the Billy no-mates it is, the rest of them would ignore it until it shuffled off awkwardly. Nonetheless, it’s there, waving its little flag and going, ‘Batch, plz, nao peepz’ll think ur stupid,’ which is ridiculous, and not just because of the text speak. Rest assured that my debating nerd part always pops up and counters: blah blah, playing the points game, blah blah, most people do Ordinary and most people aren’t stupid, blah blah, no-one will care what level you did once you’re in college, blah blah.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how I adjust. Otherwise, school has been quite relaxed for me thus far. My body clock has yet to re-adjust to something approximating a normal sleep schedule, meaning that I bounce from 1 to 10 and then straight back to 1 on the vitality scale, with 1 being a pet rock and 10 being a Japanese tourist. I don’t have a study routine set up yet, but I’m working on it. Early days, old chum, early days.

Oh, and here are my subjects, because I’m a failsome blogger and I forgot to mention them in the last post, and also because it’s relevant: English, Irish, Ordinary Maths (big whoop!), History, Art, French, Spanish, Japanese. Yes, that is indeed a lot of languages. I’m a linguistic person. I love words and syntax and learning to change my cerebral patterns. I’m obsessed with literature, which is all about examining the human condition, and I think that learning a new language is an almost contiguous means of tapping into what it’s like to be someone else. There’s also the fun element of making a low vocabulary go a long way. I’m crap at Irish, though. Unequivocally and unashamedly crap. Best kind of crap to be, hands down.

(Oh, and I don’t think this posted last night because my internet went a bit pre-menstrual, so if it did, please excuse me for being annoying and redundant and stuff!)

3 thoughts on “I’m officially an underachiever”

  1. Hey.
    It’s imperative that I commend you on your blog work thus far. It has been honest, enthusiastic and jovial! I’ve relished in your blogs’ “sparkle-dust” encrusted work. So good.
    That’s pretty much all I have to say.
    Why is “MAIL” required and what does it do? I’m perplexed by it’s presence and my confidence wavers in its merits.

    1. MAIL has now been changed to ‘e-mail’ and it’s required to deter and track the bad guys & spammers of cyberspace 🙂

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