SIte Updates: 8th September 2010

site switcher change

We spent a lot of time figuring out how best to organise our network of sites and we needed a quick and easy to switch between sites. We felt the best way was to use a ‘site switcher’ – an idea we robbed from envato and

Beside the logo on any of our sites, you’ll see two little arrows. Click on them to get a drop down list of our sites. Based on feedback (thanks Michael amongst others!), we’ve decided to make these arrows stand out a little more. It is after all a hugely important feature and it’s crucial our users know that it’s there.

login/logout link

Again, taking feedback on board, we’ve added a quick and easy way for our bloggers to login / log out when on the website. In the bottom right corner you’ll see a link to ‘login’. Once logged in, that will change to ‘logout’. Small change but it will save our bloggers a bit of time.

blank pages login problem

For a couple of days, this was a mystery. We only had reports from one user initially, then two and then more and more… after lots of changes, resets and a bit of head scratching we eventually found the route of the problem. A caching plugin we were using. This has now been disabled.

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