Time is slip slip slipping away…

I’m sure you’ll all be delighted to hear that Operation Put Santa Hat on Skeleton in Biology Lab was a roaring success. One week later he still has his festive little hat and Chemistry classes seem that bit more cheerful. Next stop a santa beard perhaps?

Towards the end of October, just before mid term the 6th years were called into an assembly by the principal and year head. During the assembly one of the teachers mentioned “you’ve been back at school for 7 weeks already…” which frightened me to bits. Even more shocking is that this was about 8 weeks ago and we’re now on week 15 of 6th year. 15 weeks of study time I am never geting back again. Do I feel like I have 15 weeks worth on knowledge in my head? No I do not.

It’s a bit unnerving how quickly the weeks are going by. Every Monday I think “Monday again?!” and by the time Friday rolls round I’m thinking “didn’t we already have a Friday only a few days ago?” When I think of how many weeks are left until the mocks, or even the actual Leaving Cert itself it seems like loads of time- too much time maybe. But so little of that time will be used properly I know it. Maybe I was a bit foolish to think I could handle Singing, Piano and Violin in one year. I can barely find time to practice on top of study, and I can barely find time to study on top of homework.

I know I use my time very badly, tonight I have a comparative essay- which was given to us last Tuesday- to write for tomorrow, and while I have the laptop open full of good intentions, I don’t even have Word open and am idly browsing the internet instead.

I am determined to do proper, quality study over the Christmas holidays, unlike the absolute joke which was midterm. Who knows, I might even make a study plan and stick to it, but I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up.

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