‘Twas the Night Before Results…

When all through the land / The students were saying / “Ah sure, it’ll be grand”

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m a little like Valerie in that every now and again I get that tight feeling in my chest. What if I don’t get my minimum 550? What if I don’t get my C3 in Chemistry? What about the car breaking down tomorrow morning? If it comes to it I’ll fire up “Eye of the Tiger” on my iPod and start on my way (by which I mean ringing for a lift or then relying on the going out money to get a taxi – only if worst comes to worst will I get out the runners). Yep, I’ve thought of every possible problem and comfortably come to something that calms me down.

Whatever happens tomorrow it really will be okay. I fail, I can repeat. Simple as, and to be honest over the past few months of severe contemplation/partying (both to an equal level of discipline) I can say I’m okay if it comes to that, especially considering how I felt my exams went. It’ll suck for a while but hey, we’ll all get wherever we want to go eventually. Tomorrow’s slip of paper needn’t define your life unless you let it.

I’m fairly impressed that I can actually blog after the past few months… seems like so long ago! And that’s how it will be if I have to go back, it’ll all fly by again. I really wish everyone the best of luck over the next few days, with results and offers. Keep the head, you’ll be fine. I’ll still probably wear industrial-strength deodorant on my hands when I’m opening the envelope though 🙂

Don’t forget everyone that’s out there to help if things go wrong. The Institute for Guidance Counsellors will be manning that helpline again tomorrow if everything seems pear-shaped. I probably won’t get around to blogging tomorow, but it”ll be up by Friday night.

Good luck and make tomorrow night one to remember!

Mr X

P.S. Orla, let the night of sleeplessness begin! 🙂

2 thoughts on “‘Twas the Night Before Results…”

  1. Ah Mister X. The best of luck, you will make a wonderful doctor-type person.
    I’m feeling very affectionate towards everyone tonight 🙂

  2. Just back from holidays.
    Best distraction EVER.
    Could feel the nerves imploding in my stomach as I got further and further away from the airport and nearer to home though 🙁

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