UKCAT is no K2

An air of confidence has finally swept over this side of Co. Clare. One week ago the UKCAT was a scary reality. But today I kicked it’s ass!

Anyone else have this feeling??

My Average score is 755/900.

Broken down that’s:

  • Verbal Reasoning – 650
  • Quantitative Reasoning – 790
  • Abstract Reasoning – 890
  • Decision Analysis – 690

And to that person who posted on my last blog – I finished every section.

So how did everyone one else do?

4 thoughts on “UKCAT is no K2”

    1. Thanks! I wasn’t given a percentile yet but i might be once they have finished testing everyone.

    1. Check out my latest blog. Thanks btw. I do have some bionical body parts but I don’t think it helped my Abstract reasoning.

      Tips;? – Read the explanations to the questions from that book I mentioned in the other blog. Also read the introduction as it tells you what kind of questions they can ask.

      Also there is one video on youtube that I thought was good about abstract reasoning by Ace Medicine (i think).

      One thing to look out for in abstract reasoning is the number of edges and location within the square.

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