Vectors, Twitter and a New Routine (I HOPE to stick to)

I must say that this week was probably one of the hardest weeks EVER. Not that I was getting mounds of homework, or that my private/social life was falling apart, I was having the BIGGEST personal feud ever. Not with my best friend. Not with my (invisible) boyfriend. With VECTORS. For three days they were the bane of my existence (thanks for that phrase, Ciara! :)). But I didn’t find them hard, I simply couldn’t comprehend either their existence or importance. I sat in maths class (with the bountiful number of 3 other Higher Level students) screaming in my head


I had such a negative perspective set on them that I simply couldn’t understand them. To be fairly honest, I wouldn’t be an A student in maths, but I do know alpha from beta and whatnot. WHY COULDN’T I COMPREHEND THIS?! Any other mathematicians, I urge you to empathise. I felt like…I was in a Trigonometry exam with no log tables. THAT HELPLESS. And if you had my maths teacher (think small but extremely frightening) you would understand more. But I confronted her yesterday outside of class that I didn’t understand, she simply said “Okay.” and left it. But somewhere out in the universe, me admitting I didn’t have a Blue’s Clue about vectors unclouded my mind, and they suddenly didn’t seem so bad. And now I’m sailing. With a little sailor’s hat on. 🙂 ENOUGH ABOUT VECTORS NOW. *sighs*

Another thing – I can’t seem to stray from blasted social networking sites? Am I the only one? Facebook is constantly tabbed while I’m online, but Twitter is a demon for distraction! Whether I’m enjoying the thrill of stalking celebrities, or campaigning for KISS Magazine (KISSBFF5 with your name, age and address to 53150 to any KISS readers for myself and Ciara to be Clean&Clear BFFs! VOTE NOW!) – I apologize for that. But vote if you can, it would help. 😀 Getting back to the point, social network… I’m still wondering if it’s a good thing or a bad thing while on them? Sure it’s distracting, but it distracts you from things that are bothersome, i.e., the Leaving Cert… right? Maybe I’m just making excuses to allow myself to go on them… 😛

And lastly in this horribly long (and rather bleak) blog… SCHOOL IS STARTING AFTER SCHOOL STUDY. 🙂 Can I get a Hip-Hip? 🙂 FINALLY. Instead of coming home and getting distracted by the paragraph above, or complaining about how worn out I am, and yet only starting my homework at 9pm, I’ll be sitting on my ass in A.S.S.. (I told you I’d stick to one bad pun per blog!) 3:45pm-6pm Mon-Thurs for €5 a week. Worth it? I think so. 😀 Then I can get a proper 3 time a week exercise AND smoosh in extra study at home! Lets hope my hopefully unrealistic plan goes well. Here’s to hoping! 😉

Cheers for reading,
Kiera(#2) 🙂 x

2 thoughts on “Vectors, Twitter and a New Routine (I HOPE to stick to)”

  1. Vectors are off the course for Leaving Cert 2012 cos they were pretty much deemed the most pointless part of it:P
    Sucks you just missed out!

  2. Kiera Uimhir a Dó

    I heard, I was explaining to my teacher how pointless they were and she was like “Actually they’re being taken off the course for next year.” I think I exploded on the inside. YEOWCH.
    Like, I probably just won’t DO the vectors question…but STILL.
    Though project maths is being brought in, basically it’s like way more english, slightly easier, but way my unpredictable. I like my maths old-fashioned and tough. 😀

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