Well that was just unkind!

WHERE WAS BOLAND??????? seriously!! was she in the toilet when they were making the paper or something???!!!!!

Breath Annah….breath……

Right,seriously,wtf?? I might be overreacting a little bit but after the mix up last year and the total bitches of questions I had kinda expected them to be just a little nice to us with the poetry,but no! The first thing I think everyone in my centre did when we were allowed read the papers wasย  flick to the poetry and I think rather a few of us uttered some form of profanity,myself included. It totally threw me and my plan of starting with poetry just sort of ran away and I mechanically started at the beginning of the paper without even thinking,NOT GOOD!

So anyway, I’m a bit of a freakazoid in that I didn’t find the texts my class were doing very fun so i said eff this and went and studied my own ones independantly. My class were doing lear as the single and then dancing at lughnasa,billy elliot and road to memphis for the comparative. Billy Elliot being the only mildly interesting one in that sorry collection I opted to do Wuthering Heights for my single and Lear, Oedipus Rex and Pride and Prejudice for my comparative.

The first Wuthering Heights question was a bit of a joke but the second one was ok,about extremities of passion and reason. Although whenI saw the word reason I was like WTF? since that is a word which appears nowhere in any note or essay about Wuthering Heights, but It was better then that crap about Hareton and Heathcliff at least.

The General Vision and Viewpoint was the papers main redeeming feature, it was oddly worded but wonderfully general. Thankfully my plan of doing Pride and Prejudice on it’s own actually happened and I got a good bit of average quality stuff written comparing Lear and Oedipus. Could have gone a lot worse as comparatives go.

THen there was the poetry…… the unseen was ok,bit weird but not bad. Then there was the friggin poets….Thankfully I did Rich for my junior cert because the crap my class was doing was boring and what not so that coupled with my barely reading throuhg a few notes on her got me through. I just about managed to waffle my way through four poems and then I just had to give up. I was so demoralized after putting so much effort into Boland and to a lesser extent Longely,that I seriously could not do anymore. I probabley sound like a whiney teenager,more then likely because I secretly am one but hey,we all have our moments..

So all in all I filled a whole answer book and think I did ok ,not great but not awful. At least now I never have to think about Lear or Kavanagh or any of those other bearded weirdos ever again!= ]

Maths tomorrow,WOO! THAt should be fun if I can master the art of integration in the next 18 hours. I’m not too worried about paper 1 at least.It should be grand,as long as the differential rule doesn’t come up that is!

Bonne chance in geography all you poor unfortunates who have to get up early tomorrow! and to all those as lucky as me,good luck in maths!

Happy studying!<3

3 thoughts on “Well that was just unkind!”

  1. was totally thrown by boland not being up, thankfully yeats was my second choice, answer was a bit forced but it’ll have to do ๐Ÿ˜

    did wuthering heights as single text too, and seem to be the ONLY person who did the hareton question. actually thought it was lovely ๐Ÿ˜€ had just been looking over notes on it before going in!

    at least the worst is over with now! thanks for the updates and good luck with the exams ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ‘At least now I never have to think about Lear or Kavanagh or any of those other bearded weirdos ever again!’

    Thank Godddd.

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