What you guys are saying!

Here’s a list of the latest and greatest tips and predictions from the people that matter the most. You! In our Leaving Cert 2010 predictions post we had a lot of useful comments.

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bob99999991 would love to see the examiners leave a woman poet out and wants Eliot to come up!

shauni wants to know what’s on the papers (doesn’t everyone?!?!) and asks if ruraiocht comes in HL Irish up do you have to write on tain bo cuailgne and oidheadh chlainne uisnigh?

sofia reckons she’s doing the leaving cert but has seen the papers already… dream on!

KATHRYN has stuck her neck on the line and thinks here’s what’s coming up: History: eucharistic congress, belfast bombing, mussolini, show trials, sunningdale agreement, moon landing / technology, racism and that’s all she’s studying, she really hopes those topics come up and so do we! Kathryn need tips for Ordinary Irish and Higher Art history as her teacher only bothered doing 2 weeks of art history this year, OMG! She also wants your opinion on what’s coming up on OL Biology and HL Business? Come on guys help her out!

Victoria is totally hoping for Yeats to come up on English P2. She gave the following opinions on:
Biology – protista, protein synthesis, blood, lymph or ear have never came up. Ear came up in the mock, so maybe it comes up in the real thing. Victoria believes that Genetics and ecology are a sure thing!
Home Economics – her teacher has given her the following tips minerals, vitamins, minerals and making a will (you’re too young to die Victoria), she was lookin for a few more clues, can anyone help her out?
Geography – a continental/sub-continental region, irish landforms (both always come up) and she also thinks langauges – religion and urban planning may come up but isn’t sure, who is?

asap hears that eliot is a defo in english, just like bob999999991 we all hope you’re right

Caoimhe reckons for Geography HL – Languages are told to be coming up eg. the Basques. It came up in the mocks and we bet you’re hoping for it again Caoimhe

danielle is looking for some predictions on home economics (she should have a look at what Victoria has said above.. hopefully that will help her out!)

Da Mon is just studying boland! general vision and viewpoint! and The sub plot of king lear. He’s looking for tips on the following: HL geography and HL aricultural Science as well as Business?

serena has a very definite list she tips: Accounting HL Q1: company, Q2: debtor/creditor, Q3: depreciation, Q4: CFS/Tab/Suspense/club, Q5: interpretation, Q6: service/club, Q7: Suspense, Q8: production. Q9: Flexible. That’s the kinda bold tips that we like serena, good luck with it!

Anon replied to serena and asked “What’s production?” We’ve done marginal costing, job costing, valuation of closing stock, product costing and absorption costing. Looked through the papers for the last 10 years, no mention of a ‘production’…

ciara wants to know if serena is guessing or is she sure. Who can be sure but as we say it’s a very definite list and it sounds like the woman has a plan!

Mary wants help with higher level geography and french.

Caoimhe has given Mary the following on Geography – Language as a cultural indicator and the Basque region/languages etc.

s.m is looking for advice on home economics and reckons that newgrange and post impresssionists is coming up on Art History

Faun Duggan’s teacher would bet her house on it that Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa will be a main poet because of his centinery year (sounds like solid advice).

Thanks for all the feedback and hopefully you’re all finding working together like this helpful to kick these exams into shape over the next few weeks!

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  1. a lot of people seem to be lookin for tips for geog such a vast course – crappy crappy teacher …im cuttin down major only learnin what i think will come up based on whats due and wats been up before – help anyone ?????

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