Why we will never be ready for the Leaving Cert…

I think there’s a really simple response to the above statement. It is that, we are human. I mean, it’s in our very nature to procrastinate to the eleventh hour. Really I suppose posting tomorrow night, nearing midnight, would be more appropriate but I’m determined to be in bed early tomorrow night. Shall be needing all that energy blah blah. Probably more approppriately is that, being awake is quite distressing at this stage. It’s a never ending thought parade, a list that never ends of things haven’t looked at in about a month, Stair and the entire Chemistry course topping that list, and all that kinds of thing.

Now while it is in my nature, as a mere human, to not doing anything about my big long list.. it is also in my nature to feel very bad about not doing anything. While msn provides me with company with which is complain, generally the best solution is bed. Because we all need sleep. Plus, the Big Quiz doesn’t generally come and make an appearence in my dreams. *
All in all, bed is good.
Where was I.. oh yah.. Humans are procrastinators. Yah, without a doubt. Like is there anyone out there who can actually say, I always had my homework done, I exercise everyday, I stitch in time to save nine and so on and so forth.
It’s such a lovely day, and I haven’t done a tack of work in about an hour. I am trying to convince myself that writing this very blog is “practice for English 1” but really and truely I am writing this with disgracefully little syntax. This blog stems from an idea and exhaustion combined with frustration ensure that is develops little from that.
I personally believe that we could be given another month, and we’d still be sitting there, two days to go and saying to ourselves “SHIT! Forgot that An Triail exists”, we’d still be watching bad movies online at two in the morning and we’d still be conplaining. Because life’s easier that way.

Also, no matter how many people say to me, “Ah, only sixteen days to go until you’re free”, it still feels like an eternity. Mainly because I can’t envisage myself sitting down, under exam conditions and writing blahdeblahdeblah. It’s just too weird. Thus meaning I can’t accept the reality that I have exams in two days and really should be learning those MacBeth quotes. It is quite unusual to think that, since Junior Infants, it has all been leading up to this. Like this is one big smelly measurement of our proficincy is certain subjects. Since we were only tincy we have been learning to read, write and try to be arrticulate. Now someone is going to tell us how good we are at it.. Thus they are going to tell us what we are allowed to do for the next few years of our life. It’s weird. I don’t like it. In my heart there is a “black and deep desire” that secretely pines after an interview based system. Bugger that anyway, we’re here and we have absolutely no power. We are here to be swept along by the system, to be swallowed up and spat out wherever is deemed appropriate.
In essence, reality isn’t that fun, anyone for a Calippo meeting in the garden?

Oh and to end on somewhat of a more positive note, there’s a very nice saying out there that goes along the lines of “What’s meant for you won’t pass you”. I believe in that sort of thing to a point, if it’s meant to be then it will be and so on and so forth. So I guess I just have to remember that no matter what happens over the next sixteen days, it is not the end of the world and we’re all live happily ever after.

Over and out, Marie “Would Prefer To Be In Bed” Dromey.

*Apart from this one time about a month ago. I dreamt I was going in for the Chemistry exam… Had studied, was sitting in the table getting handed the exam paper when my Chemistry teacher popped up and said “Oh by the way it’s actually Maths you have no”. Heart failure enter here. It then progressed to me having to do my English exam while sitting on a rock in a forest, writing with a broken and inkless fountain pen. I woke up with a start and thus was born a huge big fear of the English exam.. But I think I’ve quelled it. .. Think.. Hmmm.

3 thoughts on “Why we will never be ready for the Leaving Cert…”

  1. Aww leaving cert nightmares are NOT COOL.

    I don’t really have them, I just don’t sleep for weeks on end. The leaving is kinda like a measurement of us, so does that mean if we fail we…fail at life? Or is that a little tooo melodramatic…

  2. This site is really damn cool! Too bad i only found it now two days(well one day is pretty much wasted now) so one day before the owld L.C! Its nice to know there are people like myself out there! Willing to write about all of this milarky rather than study….though i found you guys while looking for Keats poems not on our course….that’s study right? kinda? well this isnt anyway so…..

    Yours somethingly,
    Washington Irving.

    Wait mean Superdoor!

  3. Oh and also on leaving cert dreams; i had a dream i was studying the other night. That was it….nothing exciting, just me sitting down studying maths. I got really bored woke up and hoped i’d remember how to be fun after the l.c ended…..

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