You need a gravatar!

When you leave a comment on a blog (any blog, not just ours), you may have noticed some comments have images beside them and others don’t. Why is that? Well, most blogs use a site called to get those images. is a place where you associate your email address with an image.

So let’s say my email address is [email protected] If i comment on this blog right now using that email address, i’ll look like this;

However if i sign up to gravatar and associate my [email protected] email address with an image and then leave a comment, i’ll now look like this;

And that’s what a gravatar is (named after the site which the image is hosted on). So if you want your picture or ‘a’ picture beside your comments all over the web, sign up to gravatar and get busy!

There’s nothing worse than a default image… even if you don’t want to show your face, it’s better to upload an image of *something*!!

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