Am I allowed be this happy during exams?? It just seems wrong..

I would like to thank you SEC! You may have a vendetta against poor Mr.X but you and the universe are clearly conspiring in my favour, What with the darlings of irish papers and that glorious maths paper 2 and now THIS….I never knew you felt that way about me….XD

SO yes…..LE FRANCAIS was like…..Incroyable…? The first comprehension was psshyeah… NOt much of a challenge there I think you’ll all agree..? Second one was a bit out there but I thought it was ok, straightforward compared to some of the stuff that’s come up in the last few years. beaux-parents means foster/adoptive parents right? I seem to have misplaced my french dictionairy,possibly amongst the large pile of french notes I sent to their doom..oopsie…= ] Paragraphs were perfect for me cos i’d written something on immigration and volunteer work for the oral and I’d loked over them just before the exam and I had a papragraph about weather to use for the journal intime. I can’t see where it woulda caught anyone out really..there was a paragraph about food,fashion and god only knows what else so I’m hoping i’m not the only weirdo who liked the french! I’m particularly delighted since i didn’t actually start studying for french until i got to school this morning(not my brightest idea…) and Everything I studied came up, including UN OS!! What an obscure little word that I just happened to see scribbled in the margin of one of my sheets this morning, happy days….B ] Aural stuck with the trend of french cds getting easier by my reckoning..A few bits and pieces of obscure vocab here and there but I can’t really remember there being anything I couldn’t answer,although it does really help that my french teacher for the last 5 years is actually a crazy french woman which makes the tape a whole lot easier. thoughts on the aural…? Oh and the reason I didn’t get to study french was cos I was up till 3 with history and then up at 5 again with history and ended up leaving french an hour early to study HISTORY rather then doing an extra paragraph.


Needless to say I am relieved to be finished with leaving cert history…

Two years of genuine study of that god awful subject and I still only know a fraction of the course…THankfully that was the fraction that came up though = ] = ] =] =] =] =] =] =] <3

Case study was soooooo predictable(btw jody, where’s my money?? i told you coleraine wasn’t coming up!)..comprehension questions were easy peezy lemon squeezy, and thank buddha for that! I may have seemed calm going into that exam to any who were there to see me but inside I was hyperventilating. What I knew,I knew well. VERY well, as in I may have managed a B1 or an A2 well, but if that stuff hadn’t come up or if even a slightly eschewed version of that stuff had come up then I was royally boned. So if i’d gotten off to a bad start that would’ve really thrown me.Criticism and comparison weren’t bad either, contextualisation was kinda general,I wasn’t really sure where I was meant to be going with that answer but I got two pages out of my directionless journey at least..

I did topic 3 for Ireland and knew Cumann na ngaedhael and fianna fáíl(back when they were cool..) inside out so I was fiine for that. Other questions looked like they weren’t too bad either,eucharistic congress and all that otherload of  bleugh. Europe..I did topic 3 again and think I did well on the social and economic policies of weimer and hitler,I definitely went a bit waffly and WAY overboard comparing the two since that’s not what they were asking. America was a DREAM of a question! I knew vietnam and the montgomery bus boycott really well and I knew about johnson’s social policy too just incase,so that worked out well. All in all I was actually oddly happy leaving that exam!

I really wish i had a break before biology but the show must go on i suppose,hopefully the biology paper shall be merciless! I love all the minute and finicky details,they infact make my day so i’m off to study them and then get some friggin sleep! z_z

Oh and sorry for being so sickeningly happy with my last few exams! I know you guys probabley prefer to hear about when things go badly but I really can’t complain about the last few exams since they have been,in a word..splendiforous…3

7 thoughts on “Am I allowed be this happy during exams?? It just seems wrong..”

  1. Oooooo crap. I guessed beaux-parents were parents-in-law, y’know, the way they mentioned her dead husband? Still don’t know what they are, never considered adoptive parents 😮

    The history paper terrified me at first I have to admit-but then I did my favourite question first and by the time I got to the others I was remembering details all over the place! So, hopefully goes well!

    I don’t know how you got that bone question in tape, btw. I thought I heard ‘immeuble’ and ‘roman’ so I wrote roman building!!!

  2. Oh shucks Annah I don’t hate the SEC (that much haha).
    I thought French was okay, written alright but listening, like you, really great. Hopefully it’l pull me up a bit from the paper.

    Good luck tomorrow with Biology! Haha thanks for the words of support, lol the HPAT would want to be a golden unicorn that excretes points I think for Medicine this year… what’s your back up? Though the exams have gone so well for you it sounds like you’ve an amazing chance!!

  3. well im sooo glad everything turned out fantastic for you!! dont boast online anyway!! your not the only one who put in the work!! 🙂

  4. Evie- now i just feel silly…darn parents in law….*_* and at least roman building is original,might make the examiner smile = ]

    Misterx- My back up is ‘intellectul disability nursing’ or various sciency things, wbu? And I have a feeling the hpat will be our ‘golden unicorn’, it was just so dang easy i thought…Probabley not a good sign tho: / and thanks! but exams going well can be quite deceptive..

    David- You also rather disgust me,particularly your love of a particular dyke and her angry poetry. Perhaps you and she should just go and be lonely gays somewhere far from civilisation

  5. Annah, I really can’t read your blogs anymore. While I’m delighted that you think your exams went so well, it has become sickening to read about because you show NO consideration for anybody whose exams didn’t go so well. Keep in mind that this is a website a lot of people log on to, particularly myself after the exams, and the absolute LAST thing I want to read is somebody’s account of how glorious their exams were. Especially when you brand many exams as “easy”, which is not the case for everyont.
    I’m really sorry, I’m not trying to be harsh, I just think you should ease up on the “I did so well!” Cos lots of people aren’t that confident yet.

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