An Méid Obair!

Midway through November now, I think we’re all still alive, but I must say the amount of work we get is incredible, For once I’d like to come home and not have to think about what I have to get done for the next morning! For instance right now I’m thinking of doing the work that is pied neatly in a stack next to me.

Every Monday is now a disaster. Essays and exam questions from nearly every subject on top of all I failed to do over the weekend. It’s a lot to take on, especially if you’re used to being lazy like me. When it comes to the exams I’m probably going to want to be looking over my texts but the way things are going I’m lucky to have half my homework done for the following day!

Ah 6th year, crafty as you are I know you’re not going to let up anytime soon. In fact I believe the workload will worsen and worsen till June. Developing a new time management system will be all important if I’m going to live through this (that all sounds very fancy, I just mean stop wasting time!).

Tóg go bog é!


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