Oh, uhm… maths

Maths paper 1 – So this is what a stroke feels like. It wasn’t as bad as what I had thought it would be, but I wasn’t gloating when I left the room either. I kind of dreaded looking at the paper the second I got it, half expecting to see HIGHER LEVEL PAPER 2 …

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Bite hard on those cyanide pills everyone. I seem to be the last person on earth to have known about this. I had thought about turning off my phone to avoid ALL distractions when I got this call.. my phone exploded on me. NO. I had been breathing in and out yoga style trying not …

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In the interval between the last time I poorly wrote something here and now, a new girl has been added (hi Marie!), people have rejoiced/wept over Irish orals (how lucky am I? ; )), german/french orals have arrived and left, North Korea has launched a rocket or a spaceship, American Idol has returned, etc. Time …

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