Day 5 – Irish Paper 2 & Business Studies

After catching up on lost sleep, I awoke from a coma like state, with no time to do any revision. I printed off some notes from, knocked back my cup of tea and ran out the door.

As humiliating and all as it was, I was finished Irish Paper 2 after five minutes. Only then did it strike me that I hadn’t really done a tap of Irish for the past two years. While trying to figure out the basic meaning of the questions my frustration began to grow. I began writing about the oh so famous ‘Clare sa Spéir’ and ended up with about 4 lines in front of me. The main idea being that Eoin ate ‘ispini agus scealloga’. Highlight of his life. Best day of mine, or worst. I then looked over at a friend who was in the same boat as me and we made our way towards the exit.

I was nervous enough about the thought of the business paper. There was only five of us in the hall. Dead silence until the examiner cracked a joke. I ended up laughing to myself for a solid ten minutes. I have to say that I found the short questions harder than the ABQ or long questions. So I ended up writing down a load of waffle. Satisfied with the ABQ and long questions. I could of done with another half hour of writing, which was a bit of a perk after enduring a depressing Irish exam.

At least all the hard work is behind us now. Only half days from here on, for me at least. No more exams for me until Friday. So until then, I’ll be catching up on sleep and enjoying the sun!

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