Get out of my life, PE.

Seriously. Stop wasting precious time in my Tuesday schedule with your uselessness. Just go away, you’re not wanted. I despise everything about this wretched subject, from that hideous tracksuit we’re forced to wear all day (maroon and navy stripes, how very tasteful indeed), to that one eejit who thinks we’re an Olympic training squad, rather than a group of disgruntled teenagers kicking around a deflated soccer ball. And, then, as if the tracksuit isn’t enough, there’s those luminous bibs they make us put on. Seriously, I don’t care how often you claim they’ve been washed, they still smell like a wrestler’s jockstrap. Not to mention I look like I’ve been dressed by a colourblind simpleton.

And let’s not forget about the teachers. Oh dear sweet Lord, the teachers. I have never met a group of people more dissatisfied with their work in my life. They seem to take about as much enjoyment in the subject as I do, and I have yet to see one of them smile, give praise, or look in any way happy with life.  They don’t seem to care one way or another about improving our fitness, preferring instead to throw out a ball into the crowd and let us on our merry way. I honestly don’t get how PE is supposed to encourage a life long interest in sport and physical activity. I imagine that if all schools are like ours, it turns people off sport more than anything else.  And to be fair, one double class a week of  is never gonna make anyone fit.  In my case anyway, only exercise I ever got from PE was running in the opposite direction to discourage people from passing me the ball.

In Leaving Cert, I really think that it’s a massive waste of time, time that could be so much better employed. Same goes for the other useless classes that we have on Tuesdays, when we’re temporarily relieved of  PE duties. Like ICT….seriously, is that some kind of joke? We were all practically born tapping away at  laptops, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that we’re computer literate.  And then there’s Guidance. Guidance counsellors are a long- standing joke in my school, I’ve gotten more third level knowledge from browsing Qualifax than any of them seem to have put together. If I remember correctly, the highlight from Guidance last year was someone coming in from Mallow College  to talk to us about courses in Small Animal Grooming.

These classes are all an absolute farce, about as useful as an underwater hairdryer.  Just drop them, please.

2 thoughts on “Get out of my life, PE.”

  1. In our school we have 4 useless religion classes and a guidance class and last year the 6th years had ONE PE class but this year they decided that they will take away one of our MATHS classes so that we do a extra PE class! All I ask is why didn’t they take it from Religion which in our school we don’t do as a LC subject everyone in my year is really angry about this but they don’t even care and one of our maths classes are only 25mins long because of where they put it on the time table and the only people upset are us as a year and my honours maths teacher

  2. I would actually love to do PE in school (in our school 6th Years don’t have PE classes) but I can see how annoying it would be if the teacher was half-assed and if you’re not sporty. Our three religion classes are wasted due to the fact that our class seems to prefer awkward silences rather than interesting discussions. I don’t know if they’ve heard of the word ‘opinion’. Anyway, a lot of my year want to swap Religion for PE, but if that ever happens, we’ll all be long gone from the school.

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