“I’m walkin on sunshine…oohhh….”

Well as the title suggests today was a good day 🙂

Maths Paper 2??? I never realised we were such good friends! I’m sorry I didn’t get you a christmas or birthday present now…

Seriously though,the more I read over the paper the deeper I fall in love with it!  Apologies to anyone who didn’t get on as well as me but I really can’t help being so happy!

Q.s 1+3 were a breeze and I had them both done in 40 minutes much to my own amazement. P (c) of 1 was slightly tricky but I’d done one like it yesterday so I was sorted.

Q.s 4+5 weren’t quite as enjoyable but were manageable none the less. (b) of 4 I actually thought was TOO easy,I was wondering where the catch was but I looked up that question in my book and I had the right answers so all is well. (c) was kinda odd aswell but after a little head scratching I deduced (i) and (ii), I’m not really sure what I did for (iii) but there was only a few marks left anyway so I’m not too concerned. Q.5 was actually BEAUTIFUL, that is the only word I can find which even begins to sufficiently surmise the amazingness of a Q.5 of which I could do every part without the aid of a book or marking scheme!

Q.s 6+7 I had planned on doing both of these but when trig went so well and I wasn’t really sure of the proof for (ii) of 6 I just stuck with 7. 6 doesn’t look too bad though.. Being as I am a lover of probability I rather enjoyed q.7. (a) and (c) were fine, took about ten minutes between them, (ii) though was a bit tricky. Were you supposed to use permutations or combinations?? I used a unique and probabley nonsensical combination of both,but it made sense to me at the time and that’s what really matters…. 🙂

then there was Q. 8…..this was the paper’s only drawback,although it wasn’t all that bad as question 8s go. (a) was fine and (b) was ok it just required about 20 minutes of thought and three A4s of  failed attempts(anyone else get 40.5 units?). (c) (i) was fine too except I hadn’t a ‘bull’s notion’ what the other two parts were about. I was just after hitting on the proper way of doing it when the superintendant called time so I had to give up 🙁

all in all a VERY fair paper which more then makes up for paper 1. Let me know how you got on, Post morteming was mostly positive in my school so I’m guessing it was pretty much the same everywhere…?

which leads us to…….


One of my stronger suits and thankfully today was no exception. Comprehensions were GRAND,particularly the one about Kennedy. The other one was ok too though,it was weird but at least the irish wasn’t! 🙂

Essays seem to have had something for everyone. I’m a lover of a god aul’ scéal meeself and imní left me plenty of scope to write the story i’d planned and thus 4 pages of a terrible story full of nathanna caintes and what not. Hopefully paper 2 will be as straight forward!

The aural was deceptively easy too, like what was up with those cómhrá s??? they were pretty much junior cert! the only mildly difficult thing I thought was fógra a dó, I totally didn’t cop that they were on about a famine,I think i wrote downt the right word though…probabley spelled based on english phonetics but that’s better then nothing I suppose 🙂

After today I feel a million miles away from the state I was in after maths 1,major thanks to shanice for letting me smell her sleeve(it was very relaxing!) and eily for your prayers!

Feel free to rip my happiness to shreds, and let me know what the thoughts on Irish are.

Go n-éirí libh amárach le páipéar a dó!

Tá orm dul chun beagánín stáidéar a dhéanamh ar maidhc dainín agus a chairde<3

5 thoughts on ““I’m walkin on sunshine…oohhh….””

  1. Hey, well done on Paper Two 🙂

    I’m pretty apathetic regarding Maths Paper Two to be honest. I did well, but as to well enough? I dunno. 🙁
    Q1 – Great, really was a dream question.
    Q2 – Part 2 (c) – cue a lot of nonsensical explanations that OR = 2c, therefore the points are collinear?
    Q3 – (b) (ii) Think I did something wrong on this one ’cause I got +/- 10 instead of everybody else’s +/-20. Hopefully I’ll get away with an arithmetic slip or something.
    (c) (iii) Think I got it, but one that marks could be easily lost on.
    Q4 – (c) (iii) Basically subbed the sides given in part (ii) into the area formula and part (i), and using the Peter Pan Method (“Anything is possible if you wish hard enough”) – TADA! Some garbled rubbish made the radius of the incircle of the triangle a whole number. Attempt marks needed on this one.
    Q5 – (c) (ii) Messed this one up myself.. ended up guessing in the end, got two answers, but don’t think they’ll be enough to get full marks.
    Q8 – Grand really, I had done a lot of revision on this question. ‘Nough said.

    Yeah, like I made a few mistakes, but hopefully they’re small ones and I’ll get a few attempt marks here and there to patch things up. 😀

    1. Congrats to both of you!! Today I really felt that pang of regret dropping out of Honours, but looks like all that hard work over the past 2 years has paid off!

      (I’m just going to ignore it if you say you’ve natural ability in a reply. Yep, hard work lalalalala).

    2. If natural ability counts as a solid hour of maths homework for the past two years, then yes, I’ve got toooonnnnns. 🙂

    3. I just intensely dislike those naturally gifted ones that could swan into a test and pass it no problemo… Still an hour a night and you must have some level of talent, I’d often sit there staring at it for an hour plus with nothing to show for it but a permanent face of puzzlement.

  2. AH yes…..the horrors of honours maths,I know them well! However I can’t really claim to have done an hour EVERY night like you Orla,I hope your result reflects how hard you’ve worked and congrats on paper 2! Thank god we never have to do it again….= ]

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