Is your maths teacher qualified?

When you’re being taught about  a subject, you assume that your teacher is qualified to teach… you probably don’t even question their qualifications (i know i didn’t when i was at school). Surely that’s down to whoever hires them, whoever pays their wages and evaluates them.

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However, a recent report reveals that a staggering 48% of maths teachers are not qualified to be teaching you.

Basically they’re not proper maths teachers with sufficient qualifications to teach maths at higher level. They may have done some studies in maths, but not enough… so they get chucked in to teacher ordinary level courses as a patch up job for schools that can’t get proper maths teachers.

Is your teacher qualified to be teaching you maths? Why not ask them 😉 Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why maths results are so poor every year. It would help if teachers were actually qualified to teach the subject….

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  1. people would be given detention for asking their maths teachers if they are qualified! And the teacher would treat them completely differently for the rest of the year! so you could end up with a crap teacher that hates your guts:/ is it really worth it?!

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