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Here at leaving-cert.net we have set up an exciting new forum where you to talk with your fellow learners.

  • http://leaving-cert.net/forum/
  • http://forums.theleavingcert.com/ (added 6th september 2010)

After a few simple steps in registration you can get posting with other like minded students or otherwise about all aspects of student life and the leaving cert exams.



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  1. Sophalinasmiles

    Hey all 🙂 So i’ve set up this to go with my blog http://leaving-cert-helpnotes.blogspot.ie which has notes, answers, help, links etc for leaving cert students. I got help from internet notes when doing my lc so i decided to help others as well so hope someone will find my blog helpful. Have notes and sample answere up for a variety of subjects, and it is constantly being updated, only about 14 posts up at the moment but wil be updating it over the next few weeks and months so hope to have a lot up, if you have any specific requests for notes or answers on particulkar topics or subjects let me know and i will try my best so check out my blog and be sure to let anyone else you know doing the leaving cert about it aswell, comment if you have any suggestions or find it helpful etc, also check out my twitter page https://twitter.com/SophalinaSmiles which has been set up specifically for the leaving cert blog, thanks, good luck in your exams

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