The 8th Weekend

You’re such a… you’re such.. such a TEENAGER!
As I have made you well aware of, I am doing my pres. Today is Monday and I have just done art history and it was alright, I particularly enjoyed the appreciation of art section.  I got to design a website for a local club or school,

I was in my element.

This exam comes the day after a weekend of normalness- going out with friends and no study. What I thought to be normal has raised a few questions, is it normal to go out on a weekend of exams, after all they are only pres. What is normal? How many of you out there can relate to me or am I just foolish and throwing away a very important chance on our road to final year exams. And in the end, I do know that for the real exams I will not be going out at all. I will be cramping my style with hours of study.


3 thoughts on “The 8th Weekend”

  1. Of course its normel 2 go out on the weekend during your pre’s !! I had biology monday morning and did the thought of failing dat stop me from goin out r da fact dat i hadnt openen a book !!!
    My mother was da one who told me 2 go out nd “clear da head” – a true story.
    nd i did plenty of “clearing da head” if u know wat i mean .

    why shouldnt we go out its not lyk we will be studyin at 3.30 in da mornin or 9.00 at nyt 4 dat matter!! we NEED 2 go out – 2 relax otherwise we will all go demented wit worry about how little study we have done !!

    the pres r only a practice run for da real thing nd if we do fuck dem up who cares – its tradition anyway !!!

  2. Yeah I think if i honestly had stayed in, I wouldn’t have studied so it made no difference. I am pleased with how I have done anyway.

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