Ol’ squinty eyes

That’ll be my new nickname by the end of the exams, just wait and see. My first experience of squinting like a newborn kitten was during the HPAT. I looked up and found I couldn’t see the clock properly, but I put it down to the concentration on the paper in front of me. I didn’t notice it again until during Easter when I spent many an hour staring at pages quite close to my eyes; suddenly writing in the distance became blurry. Once-familiar street signs were recognisable only because I knew where I was.

As the exams draw nearer and study intensifies my eyesight is getting worse and worse. I now have to squint at the board and to my horror when I tried on my friend’s glasses last week it made everything so much clearer.

I know having slightly blurry vision isn’t the end of the world, I’m hardly blind, but it’s a damn annoying thing to happen so close to exams. A trip to the optician is just inconvenient and glasses look so horrible on me. I’m hoping that this is just sudden eye strain brought on by staring at books which are so close to me and that my eyesight will return to normal after the exams.

Until then I’ll remain ol’ squinty eyes, wandering the corridors, unable to make out the faces of anyone I meet.

9 thoughts on “Ol’ squinty eyes”

  1. Again, I feel your pain.

    Over the last 2 years, my eyesight’s after getting worse and worse.
    I’ve taken to just wearing my glasses most of the time now- I used to hate them, but now I feel naked without them. And, y’know, blind.

    Contacts though, they’re great yokes!

  2. Yeah, I was getting serious aches in my eyes for a while there. Kept putting off a trip to Specsavers and now they’re grand!

    I want glasses though.

  3. Same as Jennie, used to hate my glasses, now I just wear them most of the time. My eyes are too lazy/tired to see for themselves anymore.

    A good few people have taken to stealing my glasses, and trying them on. While they’ve had perfect vision for ever, with one claiming extra perfect vision, whatever that means, they can pretty much see through my glasses now. So it could be just stress and too much staring at books… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. They’d make you look sophisticated as ‘eck Liam.

    I was in Specsavers last week, as it so happens.
    Both eyes are after getting worse.
    I’m still not blind or anything, I go out without glasses on or contacts in most of the time, it’s just annoying.
    Stupid lazy eyes.
    Although, it’s only right that my eyes are much like the rest of me- Getting lazier and lazier.

  5. I have a prescription I got towards the start of the year. Couldn’t see the small writing on blackboards. Was so lazy I just learned to live with it. Maybe I’d get a perfect leaving cert if I actually bothered to get myself some glasses.

    At least I don’t look like a DORK though.

  6. Here here Liam!
    I’m just home from Specsavers myself, I adore looking dorky. Maybe it’ll reflect on my results

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