Welcome back, Ag Science.

So, my Ag Science class finally reconvened last night, and since Ag Science is an epic subject I was suitably delighted. Reasons for its epicness are twofold, one being that I’m an out and proud bogger. My nickname is Kitty, that should give you fair indication. Yeah, I know I live in Cork, and sadly I don’t see fields when I look out my window. Just boy racers mostly. But one of my best friends lives out the backarse of Laois, and for the past 5 years she’s been schooling me in the ancient and noble art of culchiness. She’s been my sensei, showing me how to do the perfect ‘culchie nod’ and the importance of a good cuppa tae.Her Dad is our equivalent of Buddha, the example for all good culchies to aspire to. He achieved Bogger Nirvana a few months back when he procured a shiny new Massey Ferguson. Ironically enough, we had to explain what the term culchie actually meant to him, but anyway. Ag Science as a subject is basically a dream come true for me. I mean, talking in detail about cow husbandry, could it get any better? Actually yeah, it could, we get to draw graphs about cows too…jackpot!

The other reason is that Ag Science is a fairly feckin easy ride, no offence to any  farmers that might be reading this. Not trying to insinuate you have an easy job, but the theory of it is pretty straightforward. After two hours of study, I could pretty much sing off the notes. All this being said, I might have to come back here in June and eat my words with a side of cabbage, because the exam’s gotten way harder this year. The SEC, in their infinite wisdom, decided to throw in questions that weren’t on the course, just for the craic. Didn’t want anyone being bored in the exam, bless them.  The standard for he project’s gone way up too, they’re expecting a short novel at this stage pretty much. My teacher thinks they want rid of Ag Science because it’s way too easy to be considered a legitimate science subject, and it’s making a mockery of the Leaving Cert. Frankly, I think that’s insulting farmers, but anyway. Point is, they’re making it nigh on impossible to get an A.  And between my class of total wasters, and a teacher who insists on spending half the class telling us how wonderful he is( if you really are the best in Ireland, think you could see your way to teaching us something?)  my chances are probably halved again. Ah well. If push comes to shove, I can always write a ten page essay debating the merits of Barry’s Tea over Lyons. Sure this is it.

Just on a more positive note, remember that History project that had me up the walls a couple of weeks ago? Disney, World War II and whatnot?  Well, it’s done.  I went medieval on its ass, no pun intended. It did mean that I spent a Saturday locked in my room with just my laptop, Red Bull and We are Scientists for company (great band by the way ). But by God was it worth it. I was about ready to burst into spontaneous song once I’d finished.Course, I haven’t gotten it back from my teacher yet, I could have a million and one things to change when I do. I’m just hoping that the History gods will be smiling down on me and it’ll already be perfect. Because if I already had 20% of the exam basically sorted, that’d be class.

Hmmm, any more news? Oh yeah, to celebrate Cork winning we get a half day on Friday. First time in my life saying this ever but.. Gwan Cork! 😀

Later lads!

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  1. Limerick for life! =P My congratulations at learning the mystical trades of the culchie,but townie’s rule. 😀 Gaelic football off! Oh,and its probably unpatriotic of me,but tea is brown water. Coffee… Thats where its at. 🙂

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